Are we spending to much time on space exploration?

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For thousands of years we have been looking at space exploration but are we spending to much time on it?

As you may have heard in your previous lessons scientists have invented many pieces of equipment for space exploration but as we all know they cost a fair amount. Some of which are really important to space life e.g...

  • water purification
  • artificial limbs
  • foil blankets
  • Dust Busters

And many others.

The situation on earth is just as crucial as space. Do we need to spend more time on Earth?

As you all know Earth is not perfect with a lot of things to be done. Scientists are looking at things that may help in the future such as..

  • A virtial telescope the size of Earth.
  • Pills for loneliness
  • Flying cars
  • Understanding the complex of earths systems

And a whole lot more on

As previously mentioned in lessons, space spends tons of money on equipment and reasources. ISS-The International Space Station- is the most expensive man-made object ever built! Costing $160 billion dollars! The space station has been continuously occupied since November 2000 as an international crew of six people live and work while traveling at a speed of five miles per second, orbiting Earth about every 90 minutes. Suprisingly, in 24 hours the space station makes approximately 16 orbits of Earth.

We know so much about space. Is it time to focus on Earth?

What do you guys think?


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  • Hammond School logo active_drum | Hammond Junior School D
    21 Nov 2019

    I think that we should spend more time on sorting out climate change and stopping pollution and space travel costs to much for us to carry on exploring the universe

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  • Hammond School logo loving_spring | Hammond Junior School D
    21 Nov 2019

    I think that we should have Pluto as a dwarf planet so then space could be a interesting place.

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  • Hammond School logo easygoing_ostrich | Hammond Junior School D
    21 Nov 2019

    I think that we are spending to much time on space and not enough on our own planet and what if there was a problem on earth that was more important than whats going on in space people are risking their lives in space when there are still many more problems on earth that we need to deal with first before anything else. Mining o the Moon could help save humanity, says last Apollo astronaut Jack Schmitt. There are reasons to go to space and reasons to not but in my opinion stands with no.

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  • Hammond School logo determined_shrimp | Hammond Junior School B
    21 Nov 2019

    I think we are spending to much time on space exploration.

    Firstly, with climate change on the horizon we should not be polluting the world this much with rockets. Rockets release CO2 ,HSI,NO2 and HNO3 onto our planet. We need to have a habitable planet so the human race can continue. We want to experience a tolerable life and not let it go to waste. Also, this means that polar bears and penguins can't survive.

    Secondly, every rocket launch is £500,000,000 and seeing we launched a rocket 115 times only in 2018 alone, is that a waste of an obscene amount of money? I think it is because we could spend it on charities or giving people a more tolerable life. Imagine not having your bed, or food to eat?

    Finally, when people go to space their blood and genes get infected and change while you are in orbit. This was found out, when 1 twin went into orbit and the other stayed on Earth. After his time in space, he had his blood and genes tested and compared to his twin and there were differences. We don't want lots of people to have their genes and blood changed.

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  • Hammond School logo fantastic_world | Hammond Junior School F
    21 Nov 2019

    I think we are spending a bit to much time on space because we have lodes of other things going on like climate change and Brexit and we need to sort our country out first and then we can explore more of space.

    But then I also think that we’re not spending to much time on space because we could find out interesting things like is there life on space and discover other planets.

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  • Birchwood-logo-250x250.jpg buzzing_atom | Birchwood C of E Primary School | United Kingdom
    22 Nov 2019

    Well in my opinion i think that we are spending to much time exploring space.Here are my reasons.I think we are spending to much time in space because we have discovered many things in space; such as foil blankets,wireless headphones ect. Even though some of these discoveries and inventions are good for us this is a great example on how much time we have been spending in space rather than on the Earth.My final reason is that we still have many discoveries to make on Earth than in space. There are many places we haven't discovered yet .The ocean is one of these places. It covers more than 70% of Earth's surface, and it contains many types of ecosystems.

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  • Millbank-logo-250x250.jpg miraculous_badger | Millbank Academy B
    23 Nov 2019

    So, in my opinion I think we're spending to much time. I think this because people now worry mostly about space when they don't really need to because it doesn't really affect our everyday lives. I believe we should worry about our own planet which we haven't fully discovered and how global warming and climate change can affect Earth and our body.

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  • excited_mode | Whyteleafe School B
    25 Nov 2019

    space costs to much money and destroys are planet

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  • precious_imagination | Whyteleafe School B
    25 Nov 2019

    I think we are not wasting time on space because we might find out stuff useful in the future that will improve the world.

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  • Brompton Westbrook logo lovely_hippopotamus | Brompton Westbrook Primary School
    25 Nov 2019

    I think that we are not spending to much time on space exploration. This is because we do not know the limits to space so why should we stop exploring when we have not explored everything yet. We are finding so much things in space that are incredible but all of this is just the beginning of exploring the whole universe.

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  • Evelyn-Street-logo-250x250.jpg smart_idea | Evelyn Street Primary School | United Kingdom
    26 Nov 2019

    I think we should explore Earth because we still don't know everything about where we live yet. But we should still explore space.

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