Are we the only life in the universe?

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As you may have read my title, the question is 'are we alone' which is considered to be as old as mankind itself. For millennias, people have looked at the night sky and searched for signs of stars and planets outside the boundaries of the atmosphere and the sky.

As it has now become probable, there is not other life in just our solar system, but outside of it there are trillions of other planets, 18 billion earth-like, 4044 confirmed. These are called exoplanets. However, not until 1992 when the first exoplanet was confirmed, called 51 Pegasi b, it was unsure that there were even other planets outside the solar system. The 'most' earth-like planet is called Kepler-452b, more commonly known as 'Earth 2.0' or 'Earth's cousin'. It is referred to like this because of its characteristics, which are the most similar to Earths than any other planet ever discovered. Firstly, Kepler-452b orbits a star which is sun- like, called Kepler-452, and the average temperature of the exoplanet is -8C, (17F), (265K), which is very similar to Earth's average temperature which is about 14.9C, (58.62F), (288.05K). It likely and unlikely at the same time that Kepler-452b can support life because the star it orbits is called a G2V type star which is the same type star as the sun but Kepler-452 is 20% more luminous than the sun and it is 1.4 billion years older than the sun. Also, Kepler-452b is somewhat a few degrees colder than Earth.

Opinions: By focused_blackberry and sympathetic_owl.

*We are using made up names*

George: I think that there could be other life out there in the universe but, the thing is, we have no evidence of there being life and aliens out there, so if somebody wanted to prove aliens to the world they would never be able to. e.g. There are no pictures of other life taken, or there are no pictures of even signs of life on other planets. Therefore, I am going to take the side that we are alone in the universe, and I will stay on that side until someone proves other life, which to do we would have to travel even further into the universe and develop space travel more.

Jack: My opinion is that there is not other life in the universe because for decades now astronomers, scientists and astronauts have spent all of their time trying to find any pieces of evidence, but they have gone, tried, and failed by coming back with nothing. Also, even when somebody has used the Hubble telescope and looked millions, billions of light years away, onto entirely different exoplanets and found no signs of life on them, the closest to it being ice water either underground, or at the poles. To conclude, I think that we are truly alone in the universe and our life on earth is unique and 'one of a kind'.

focused_blackberry=Jack sympathetic_owl=George

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  • Hammond School logo focused_blackberry | Hammond Junior School C
    18 Dec 2019

    Also, I thought of more. I think that to have life on other planets, there doesn’t have to be a clear sign as it could be single cell life or microbes that are just living underground, and life that you annoy see without a microscope. So I think that there is other life comment what you think about mine and sympathetic_owl’s post, if there is other life or not.

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