Asteroid mining, can we do it?

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I have come to talk about asteroid mining, and if we can do it

What does asteroid mining mean for us? Asteroids have more natural materials than the whole of earth itself! There have even been talks about the first person to mine an asteroid would become the first-ever trillionaire!

Is asteroid mining possible? This is quite hard to do, due to finding the asteroid, and bringing it back home and then actually mine it! Now, is this all possible? Well, The top conclusions from the KISS study are that it appears feasible to identify, capture and return close to Earth an entire asteroid that is roughly 7 meters wide. This so-called near-Earth asteroid the NEA, would weigh in the neighborhood of 500 tons, according to the study.

How much would asteroid mining cost to do? According to NASA, the estimate is around $2.6 billion. Which is very expensive but possible.

How long will it take before we can start asteroid mining? This is a good question because I'm certain a lot of people will want to get started on in right away! Well, it could take around 10 to 20 years to start it which is actually quite soon!

How will we get the asteroid to take the asteroid back without making it cause mass destruction? We would have to send a robot with a capture bag to enclose the asteroid and bring it back safely before mining it.

What materials are in the asteroids? Asteroids are made mostly of rock with some composed of clay and silicate and different metals, mostly nickel and iron. But other materials have been found in asteroids as well as aluminium and gold.

I think that if we were to do a space exploration, than this is something that we should do.

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