Asteroid Mining

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Space Materials – Flaws and Benefits

A benefit of Space Materials, Space materials can solve our material crisis as there is a basically infinite amount of resources, for example NASA estimates the entire asteroid belt has a value of 700 quintillion which includes, gold, nickel, water, iron and other materials. ( The reason for that is when a planets made and experiences great gravity parts of it will break off with a soft rock shell and a possible rich core of palladium, gold, silver and platinum what we find extremely rare on earth, as well we can harvest gases from space like fuels for our ships to make mining and space travel much cheaper.

A flaw to this is there are no agreements to who owns what in space. If one country wants an asteroid but another country wants it, it could cause a diplomatic and political issues as there’s no laws in space also 52 years ago the Outer Space treaty was written that nothing in space would be public property ( , though companies are attempting to challenge it by racing to be the first to commercially mine asteroids.

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    04 Dec 2019

    Thank you for this. We already have a post on asteroid mining - could you copy and paste your post and add it as a comment here?:

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