Burnet News Club Debate

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Presenter: productive_eel

Presenter: cheerful_photograph

For Space Exploration: grateful_crab

For Space Exploration: giving_orangutan

For Space Exploration: artistic_leopard

Against Space Exploration: playful_truth

Against Space Exploration: original_orchard

Against Space Exploration: active_sheep

productive_eel: Welcome back to the Sherwood Burnet News Club Debate at 4.

giving_orangutan: To begin with, I would like to say it is an absolute pleasure to be joined with you today. Space is a big factor of our lives though we may not notice it. It can be phenomenal when useful discoveries because it helps our knowledge of Space.

grateful_crab: I am also For Space Exploration and I think it is worth the cost. We can understand and discover more about Space and expand our knowledge on the Exploration of Space. If we can find that there was life on Mars, it could be possible that humans can inhabit Mars. This could reduce pollution and help the Climate Emergency.

cheerful_photograph: Thank you, both of you. artistic_leopard, do you think that the ISS was necessary?

artistic_leopard: Well, with the ISS making very useful discoveries, I think that it is helping our knowledge. Without this, our understanding of Space would be very thin.

productive_eel: Thank you, artistic_leopard. Now we are over to the people who do not think that Space Exploration is worth it. It seems as if the For side have made very good points. How are you going to counter this?

original_orchard: Well I personally think that rocket launches will make Climate Change even worse and especially if there is a fail while trying to complete the mission. Following this, countries will have a hole in their financial terms and will have a huge loss of money.

active_sheep: We can use this money on more relevant things such as: Life Support, Education, Health Care etc. These things are vital to the lives of Humans and the Mortality Rate will rise immensely causing a disruption to the World Society.

playful_truth: Though we could be making discoveries, lives are being lost. In 2003, the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated while reentering the Earth's atmosphere, killing all seven crew members on board. Another example is the Space Shuttle Challenger in 1987 when it exploded also killing all members including the School Teacher which as a result ended the programme of bringing non-astronaut civilians into Space.

cheerful_photograph and productive_eel: Thank You to everyone who joined us in this informative debate. Over to you with the Weather

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