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Good morning everyone it's Blue-Ash Habdar here on Burnet news tv and today we are going to be talking about weather space exploration is worth the cost. So we have invited two special guests to tell us what they think about this topic. Let's welcome from NASA professor Naveah Johnson and Phil Smith who works with the charatity friends of the earth.

Blue-Ash: Hello guys welcome to the the burnet news studio. What brings you here today?

Phil Smith: Well I am here to prove my point that space exploration cost more than it should!

Naveah Johnson: Well if you did not know I am from NASA and I am going to talk about how space exploration is worth the cost!

Blue-Ash: Wow! You two have extremely different points of view.

Blue-Ash: Now Naveah Johnson you go first is there anything you would like to change about this situation?

Naveah: Maybe in the future i would hope that they will find a cheaper material that is suitable for space and us but for now i do believe that we should explore the unknown in space.

Blue-Ash: Ok Naveah that was interesting, how about you Phil

Phil: I think there should be many changes since I believe they are spending way too much money on something that doesn't concern everyone. When they could spend the money on the country, hospitals and charities.

Blue-Ash: How much money should be spent on space exploration in your opinion?

Phil: Well to be truthful in my opinion it should be less expensive from a range of 25-32 dollars.

Naveah: woah you cannot drop the price like that it's 61 dollars per person for a good reason.

Blue-Ash: Okay our last question why do you both seem so affected?

Phil: I just disagree with how much money they want and are spending on space exploration and not on our Earth it should come first but in their book it does not seem to.

Naveah: Well I am affected because of the complaints from people like Phil. We are doing a great job here we have discovered many interesting things that are good for our knowledge and it is good for people to know about!

Blue-Ash: well thank you for all your ideas i really appreciate you coming today and for sharing your opinion to the public.

Blue-Ash: see you later on Burnet news tv.

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  • Hammond School logo genuine_cat | Hammond Junior School A
    05 Jan 2020

    Space exploration is not worth it, we have too many people around the world who are sick and dying. We could use the money which goes to space exploration on exactly that. What does exploring space give us?... minerals, knowledge and many others. But do we really need minerals and knowledge about stars and exoplanets when Earth is dying under a cloud of greenhouse gases. leaning the seas of plastic, is the number one thing on humanities to-do list. When animals swallow plastic, believe it or not they die by suffocation or stomach upsets and viruses. How can we allow this to happen, are we evil savages. Australia is burning, due to climate chaos...and who made climate chaos!.. man did!

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    1. Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg quickwitted_rainforest | Michael Faraday School | United Kingdom
      genuine_cat's comment 06 Jan 2020

      I completely agree with what you’re saying and you are not wrong we are jumping to something else when we have a major life threatening problem in our hands where animals have their life shortened so do humans and even the earth is getting ruined day by day because of the huge mistakes we have made in the past but we cannot sit there and have space for an eternity and not explore. It is tempting and it is dangerous having lots of our attention on something that doesn’t concern everyone when there is a problem that does on earth that shorten lives of the innocent but that just gives us another reason to work harder and find a better/ cheaper material for space exploration in anyway.

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