Climate Change vs Space Travel-What Should We Focus On?

For years NASA has been promising to go to Mars,but in those years,our relationships with our planet have worsened.Our air is getting more polluted by the day,megatonnes of plastic are being dumped into our oceans and trees are getting cut down at an alarming rate,but all we want to do is focus on is 'more important ' things like going to Mars and launching satellites.Here are my reasons for focusing on climate change.

  • Rockets are one of the biggest pollutors on earth,with the Apollo 11's weight being 97 % fuel!
  • We have discovered ways to help our climate,but we are still baffled on ways to get to Mars.The logical thing to do would be to focus on that (until we know how to get humans to Mars).
  • All the money spent on space travel could be used to tackle our climate issue.If we take the average amount of money spent on a space mission ($50 billion) we could recover and clean a significant amount of land.

These are my reasons against space travel.However, we are conscious of our environmental issue.We are developing new ways to make cleaner engines, maybe we could do the same with rockets.

For 2 great articles on space travel and climate change by National Geographic,copy these links;

Space Travel:

Climate Change

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  • Hammond School logo perceptive_skill | Hammond Junior School A
    04 Dec 2019

    I think we should spend the money on space travel because NASA promised that we would get someone on mars by 2030 but this will not be possible if we don't buy the products to build the space ship. Also, we should spend the money on space travel because it will stretch our knowledge and we will know more about space meaning that we can discover more about it that we didn't know before. On the other hand, climate change is happening all around us and if we don't do anything about it now then we could be risking our lives and we could be putting our selves into great danger if we do so.

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  • Hammond School logo versatile_molecule | Hammond Junior School B
    04 Dec 2019

    On one hand, it is arguable that we should focus on climate change because it is one of the most pressing issues the world has ever seen. Space travel destroys the air we breathe, launching a rocket is extremely harmful to the environment due to the levels of Co2 emitted. We can see the effects of air pollution in Delhi, life expectancy will shorten there because of the horror that is lung cancer. I heard this morning on BBC radio 4, on the way to school, in 2019 carbon emissions has risen by 0.06 percent, this might not seem like much but it is. In addition to this, launching an average rocket costs over 500,000,000 dollars which is a lot of money. This money could be used to build more hospitals and reduce poverty, there is no magical money tree. As well as this, it is very risky investing in space travel because the mission might go wrong and resources, money and lives could be lost.

    On the other hand, space travel could provide us with a long-term solution to climate change and other issues, this could greatly benefit us. For example, satellites have given us telecoms, TV and GPS, many people have survived cancer, this is partly due to the technological advancements made in space.

    I believe that both things are equally imperative because space travel has provided us with many advancements and will probably continue to do so. We should all be aware of climate change and continue to fight it and space travel, as polluting as it is, could help us resolve climate chaos, this is why I think we should make rockets more eco and less costly by using fuel and parts that are made out of other things then, space travel will be utterly great.

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  • Hammond School logo genuine_cat | Hammond Junior School A
    04 Dec 2019

    Climate Change is one of the biggest threats to the biodiversity on Planet Earth.
    Space exploration is one of Man's greatest and most remarkable achievements, starting with the Russian Space Programme decades ago. Here is what the exploration of the cosmos has given us:

    0 CAT scans
    0 Scratch-free glasses lens
    0 Dust busters
    0 Water purification systems for public swimming pools
    0 Wireless headphones
    0 satellites

    … So, Climate action or space exploration? … priorities?

    I think that as much as space exploration has given us fundamental structures for modern life to lean on, climate change should come first, due to the catastrophic events set up for us, if the greenhouse effect takes over. Versatile_molecule mentioned above that space exploration works hand in hand with solving climate chaos, but I strongly disagree with my brother on this as investing billions of pounds into a mission which may or may not succeed, is just not worth it. We could spend this kind of money on solving our climate issues and creating more jobs for our country, helping the homeless and stopping modern slavery, building more houses for our population and reducing poverty, mental illness and many, many others… On the more ethical question- doesn’t our planet deserve better than this?

    … It does, and we know it does.

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  • Hammond School logo genuine_cat | Hammond Junior School A
    04 Dec 2019

    Another reason why fixing the climate is necessary is because already as Mr. Molecule said the CO2 levels this year have risen by 0.06 percent!

    [ count this comment as inside my comment above]

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  • Hammond School logo genuine_cat | Hammond Junior School A
    04 Dec 2019

    sorry about the big space in between my two lines!

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  • The Sherwood School grateful_crab | The Sherwood School | United Kingdom
    04 Dec 2019

    I personally think we should, focus on climate change since it sounds silly that we are exploring and learning about other planets other than looking after our home planet. We should solve the problem of climate change and launching rockets is not helping especially with the risk of the launches failing and giving off giant clouds of Co2. Rockets also use a lot of oil and other fossil fuels and oil is the most commonly used and with the cars and trucks the rocket launches are not helping. It is best if we look after our planet and the sea life.

    As we've seen in the past and still happening now, the amazon forest fire. This has been caused because of the fossil fuels and greenhouse gases.If we stop exploring space and give it a break we can focus on climate change, NASA can help as well by using satellites and check the status of our atmosphere etc.
    If we stop exploring space and give it a break we can focus on climate change, NASA can help as well by using satellites and check the status of our atmosphere etc.

    In summary, I think we should focus on climate change as well as work with NASA to do it and make a difference.

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    1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
      grateful_crab's comment 04 Dec 2019

      Can you give evidence to show the Amazon’s fires are linked to fossil fuels and greenhouse gases?

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  • Hammond School logo courageous_fern | Hammond Junior School A
    05 Dec 2019

    I think that we should be spending the money on preventing climate change because if we spend it on NASA and found a new planet that could be suitable for humans to live on, we do not want to go and destroy it as well as our own planet. So we shouldn't be exploring space until we sort out our home or come up with a solution to prevent climate change.

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  • Hammond School logo free_hedgehog | Hammond Junior School A
    06 Dec 2019

    I think we should focus on both space travel and our global warming.on the cost of space travel,the fumes/gas of the rocket could fly into our atmosphere and seriously cause an impact on our life(and our whole planet)

    The materials that go into the rockets should not be waisted because most of the rocket would be left in space.those parts could (possibly) zoom back too earth and could hit anywhere.

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School romantic_forest | Lyons Hall Primary School B
    10 Dec 2019

    On one side we should go to space because we need to descover planets. We can find helpful discoverments like we found cat scanners and loads more helpful stuff. But after being sceptical about climate change I think climate change is way more important because we need to save the planet. So we can live on earth in the future and save the animals so they can survive. The would could flood so we will have to move and some humans and animals can't swim.

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  • Hammond School logo genuine_cat | Hammond Junior School A
    19 Dec 2019

    The word 'climate change' is not suitable for describing what is actually happening to our climate. We need terms which bring to light the truth. As much as the word 'climate change' shows that our climate is changing!.. Does it describe that it's changing negatively and how stopping it is so important. We need the word 'CLIMATE CHAOS,' to show that our planet's climate is in chaos!... Not just 'changing!!!'

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