CNSA space exploration

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They haven’t been doing it as long but, china being one of the biggest countries in the world, it has a lot of money and has the power to do anything with space exploration.

Sun Laiyan said in July 2006 that China would start deep space exploration focusing on Mars over the next five years.

They have good experience with rockets because when Trump was fighting against Kim Jong-un they were preparing to help North Korea by making masses of nuclear rocket. Therefore, they have experience with rockets.

They were the 3rd people to send a man on to the Moon.


  • Improve their standing in the world of space science
  • Establish a crewed space station
  • Crewed missions to the moon
  • Establish a crewed lunar base
  • Robotic mission to Mars
  • Exploit Earth-Moon space for industrial development.
  • China have spent about $10 billion in 2013 on space programs. Its going to change.

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