Could there be life beyond earth?

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This is a question i have been wondering about for a long time. I was thinking and it probably is likely because space is infinite and that means that there should be another sun somewhere with a planet near with water somewhere. People also think there could have been life on mars because of the water traces found by rockets and probes sent there. We have lots of reasons why there couldn't be life on most of the other planets in our solar system but why should we think that there isn't life on exoplanets (planet outside our solar system) and on other solar systems! So it is probably unlikely that we will ever see aliens if they are that far away. How intelligent could aliens be?Aliens could very intelligent but if they live on Mars it is unlikely.I think this because if they were they would need things like trees and more around them to help them live. I feel like it would be more likely they would be more like plants because they could live underwater and they would get sunlight. I am looking forward to hearing what you think about this!

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