Death by suffocation: The Mlkyway is dying, heres why...

milkyway dox.jpg

Alas' the Milkway shall cease to exist, surounded by a fog of gas.

When a dwarf galaxy comes in to view, The Milkyway licks her lips but does not succeed to eat, for her gravity is too great and so the little galaxy is sucked like a anteater and spreads it's gas all around her.

Slowly but surely, the Milkyway is deprived of her food, a scarf of gas covering her red lipped mouth, and without her food which lends her the ingredients to form new stars, the Milkyway falls into the darkness as time takes control; each and everyone one of her stars perishes as time takes control.


I hope you enjoyed my poem on how the Milkyway is dieing- it's not dead yet!

... But as you know, the universe is birth and rebirth... all the time...

My poem has exaggerated on the true facts, the Milkyway will not die as it will anyway colide with the Andromeda galaxy forming a new set of young blue supergiant stars and rising from the throne will be milkomedra- the new!

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