Do we have to rely on space to survive in the future?

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There are good reasons for both sides of the argument,but if we invest to much in one side of the argument horrible things will happen to us and other species that thrive on the earth ! Firstly, the negatives for protecting our planet.

In our opinion protecting our planet is essential to our life's but if we fail to protect it horrible things will happen and we will we need some where to go and we would have not gone to the planets optional to live in enough to know if they are able to inhabit us. There are loads of facts to suggest we should leave our home like these 4 facts :

The ice sheet in Greenland is melting seven times faster than it was 25 years ago.

Climate change is badly affecting humans and the wildlife around us.

Nuclear weapons are often found in space and that is why Russia are often up there. You don't want world war 3 to happen, do you.

Major asteroid impact is also a friend of climate change, that is why we have witnessed more of them.

We get these are all bad but there are good benefits to this such as . . .

The reasons we do have to rely on space is because we already have a home and society. Secondly, we will not have to spend loads of money building new rockets and homes.

The bennifits of living in space are simple we would not have to risk the lives of billions on protecting our home. So we could move to the moon or mars or possibly a bit further likes Saturn so we would not risk the lives of billions!

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Hope you have enjoyed our post and understand our options thank you for reading .

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  • Hammond School logo resilient_apple | Hammond Junior School B
    13 Dec 2019

    I think we do need to rely on space in the future because if the sun explodes and all the planets are wiped out we need to rely on space and this is a great post

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  • Hammond School logo determined_shrimp | Hammond Junior School B
    13 Dec 2019

    In my opinion we do need to rely on space in the near future and further because.

    Firstly, in a BNC lesson, we ordered things that NASA have created in the effect it will give on humans and a picture of Earth from space can only be obtained by going up there. The reason it is important is that if a meter or asteroid that endangers the Earth comes, we can see it from far away. This means that we can stop it and direct it in a direction away from this beautiful planet. Lots more has been created by NASA that can help the human race but even more can be created.

    Secondly, when sun explodes we need to know what time and how to create a new civilisation in a new galaxy and hopefully ,by this point in time where the sun has a chance of exploding, we have the technology and equipment to complete this (now impossible) task. I don’t feel like anyone would want the human race to collapse.

    Finally, as it stands climate change is attacking the planet and at this rate, some of our incredible species (like seals polar bears and penguins) will be lost and extinct. All the fabulous wildlife around us will die and the whole world will be in a catastrophic state. People of the future deserve a life and proberbly won’t get one, Especially on this planet. This is why we must leave this planet behind and try not to cause horrible issues there.

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  • Hammond School logo miraculous_knowledge | Hammond Junior School A
    16 Dec 2019

    I believe that we do have to rely on space because when the Earth does get destroyed where will we go? Space! Space solves the question as we can travel to another planet when the Earth destroyed and is no longer habitable. At the moment we haven't found anywhere to be able to live for the future. Although people have manage to find human footprints on Mars which suggests that there might be life on mars in which case that might mean that it is inhabitable. Also not only might Space help save billions of lives but it could also help find us a chemical that could be the cure to any illnesses such as Cancer. There could also be some kind of material that could make life changing technology such as a tracker to try and track the nearest inhabitable planet. I hope that all of these reasons help justify my thoughts on how we rely on space.

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  • St-Gregorys-logo-250x250.jpg comfortable_coyote | St Gregory's Catholic Primary School B| United Kingdom
    10 Jan 2020

    i think in the the future we WILL rely on a different planet because if climate change keeps on h

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