Do You Think There Are Useful Resources On Other Planets?

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Do you think there is useful resources on other planets?

Well that is the question I am answering in this post.

Mars: We have recently discovered that there use to be flowing water and rivers on this planet. At the moment we are planning to move to Mars but we do not know how to get back. If we do move to Mars than we would be able to find different materials to use for our earth and the material could help us create shelters for the homeless.

Exo Planets : There are 4,000 different exo planets that we have not yet discovered and they may have key that we could use to help our planet.

Venus : You may not know but Venus has 18 ours a day and 255 days per year so this planet will have a lot of different materials to us. Venus is made up of iron core and rocky mantle and the atmosphere is made up of carbon dioxide (96%) and nitrojen (3%) with small amounts of other gases.

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