Does life exist on Pluto?


People used to think it was just an icy lump of rock, but scientists have recently discovered an area on Pluto, probably the size of Texas, called Sputnik Planitia that could have a liquid ocean underneath it that is insulated even though everything else is completely frozen.

Astronomers think life is most likely in a not too cold but not too hot climate (the goldilocks zone). Now that we have found one ocean far away from the sun on Pluto, that means there could be many more goldilocks oceans in the universe than originally thought. This makes the idea of alien life more believable.

Sputnik Planitia is a white-coloured valley next to Pluto’s equator. It was discovered in 2015 when NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft flew past it and took some close-up pictures. The pictures showed that the ice covering Pluto got thinner in the interesting valley.

This is interesting because we used to think that Pluto was just a cold, dead rock. But now it looks like it might be hot enough to have water under the surface of the ice. That would be important because lots of things can possibly live in water. In fact, I saw on Blue Planet that life can live at the bottom of the Earth’s oceans, by hot water vents far away from light from the sun. This means that it is possible that life could live on Pluto.

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Do you think that alien life exists on Pluto?

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