Elon Musk, what's going on ?

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You come around to think of Elon Musk as someone who is creating electric cars and helping the enviroment. Then when you research further, you realise that he is destroying the environment by trying to send people into space and wasting a load of money on space rockets, When he could give others money to save lives. He has a net worth of around $21.8 billion so he could give a 1/4 of that to charity. The work at Tesla, SpaceX and PayPal has done him good as he is the 37th richest in the world according to Forbes.

Elon Musk is the founder of SpaceX and what he wants to do is send people into space. It seems easy but launching a rocket takes a lot of hard work. It costs millions of dollars. Although he has never been to space, he has sent loads of rockets into orbit and everyone enjoys it but he really needs to focus on helping out people. He was making his own rockets when he was a kid with his housekeeper when his parents weren't at home. Musk has been told that he has to go to court this December after calling a lifesaver a "pedo guy" on twitter.

This post was done by sociable_volcano and resillient_apple in a joint piece of work.

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