Elon Musk's "Unbreakable" Tesla

If you didn't know, Elon Musk (the CEO of SpaceX) was on the news very recently. But not for an impressive reason; more an embarassing one. He was showing off his new model of the Tesla when he asked someone to try and smash it. The person did as told but the window smashed. Elon Musk looked embarassed and he said try again with the other window and the same results followed: it smashed. However, the heavy ball didn't go throw the window; merely made a huge crack. The videos's link is youtube.com/watch?v=LMWwlmDX3ks. He said that they threw lots of other things at the window and it didn't break, but by then people were already laughing at him. Later, he revealed why the Tesla window was smashed and on the BBC there is an article about it: bbc.co.uk/news/technology-50547044. Read that before reading this post: it will help you understand it. In this post I am going to be talking about Elon Musk's reasoning on why it smashed and seeing whether or not he is telling the truth.

He is Telling the Truth:

Why would Elon Musk lie to his fans and supporters; it will only cause in him getting into more embarassment when the buyer of the product accidentally or purposely smashes it. People won't be upset if the Tesla isn't perfect as they aren't going to be running around with a sledgehammer and owning a Tesla anytime soon. It shouldn't be like this: if it isn't perfect then you can't buy it. Very few things are perfect so if it was, Elon Musk would be getting many more applications for people wanting to buy the car. And that is the point: people wanting to buy his product. Elon Musk tweeted that 200000 people are wanting to buy his car, that is a lot even with if he had his demonstration go to plan. Even with all the bad things, the loyal (and rich!) fans are wanting to buy this product for use. I said "and rich!" as the Tesla isn't exactly cheap. It starts at £39990 and it will only go up the more people bid for it. These will also progressively become more common and popular in the future causing the price to go down and more people buying them. Why would he lie for all that? It would be very embarassing if it does smash...

He is Lying:

Elon Musk has to be lying. He covered it up by coming up with a story in which he used a sledgehammer against the Tesla, it didn't break, and then he threw a steel ball at it and it smashed. It smashed as the sledgehammer created an almost unnoticable crack in the window and the ball hit that crack and made it bigger, causing the window to smash. He is covering up that the real story was that the glass wasn't that strong and it cracked because of that, which isn't that bad, unless he said it was unbreakable glass and that it would withstand anything. People who are buying his product are falling into his trap of pretending it is perfectly fine, while in the process fixing it and making adjustments. The sledgehammer also shouldn't have made a crack in the first place since he called it the "Unbreakable" glass. He just wants to make money off it by making people buy it, even if they aren't sure. He wants people to think that there is a bright future for Tesla, but there isn't.

How This Links to Space:

Elon Musk recently sent a car into space, with a replica of an astronaut's body in there. This was mainly to show off and it just joins the list of unnecessary space junk. However, in the future, cars in space might become piloted and common. With a few adjustments and modifications, Elon Musk's new Tesla could become a car in space with the help of SpaceX, who could launch it there. If this does become a reality, astronaut's and potentially normal people will use cars in space but no one would want to use Elon Musk's specific one because they know it could be dangerous as the windows are likely to smash. Because of this, if a meteor or asteroid crashes into the window it will smash and cause them to enter space and most likely die. Just because of this one mistake, people won't trust Elon Musk anymore and they would use NASA or other space companies. Just one instance of showing off could cause the downfall of a company.

However, that isn't likely to happen since there are lots of people who still believe Elon Musk's new model is completely safe and trustworthy, that is why 200000 people want to buy it.

I think that Elon Musk isn't lying but just made a mistake; which we all experience in our lifetime. Even seemingly perfect people make mistakes sometimes, and it is wrong to criticise him. I know this isn't his first mistake but we can still teach him the right way to do things.

Information found at abc7news.com/automotive/elon-musk-says-thousands-pre-ordered-tesla-cybertruck/5718644/



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  • tom Tom @ Topical Talk
    28 Nov 2019

    I've had a couple of reads of this now, succinct_leaves, and after initially being unsure about the relevance to space, I think there is certainly links space but I think you could make them even better! I'm currently a little sceptical of the dangers to the car from meteors and asteroids. Is this car being used in space, and being hit in this way, realistic? I'm keen to learn more from you about how this car would be used in space if at all.

    On a separate note, you have shown excellent reasoning and scepticism to investigate whether you think he was being completely truthful!

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  • Hammond School logo skillful_skill | Hammond Junior School A
    20 Dec 2019

    You made a good point about Elon Musk

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