Going into space is may be fun, but is it really worth it.....

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As you all know, space is a wonderful place to explore due to its amazing atmosphere that is different from Earth and all the scientific knowledge that is out there, waiting to be discovered. Scientists are eager to find out more about all the other planets on the solar system other than Earth and people go to space a lot trying to find out more about it. They even built a space station so that they could keep track of everything that is going on.

Space is full of amazing opportunites but the question is.... is it really worth it to go through all this trouble just to find out more things about space?

For each ride up to space, it costs people a lot of money. Some people believe that that money could be used in things that might benefit the Earth and help it to become a better place for everyone rather than on something that might not even work out. People go into space expecting to find something amazing but what if they come back with nothing? Then people would have wasted money, time and something could have happened to the person's health that could have seriously injured them and it was all for nothing.

In my opinion, I think that the best thing to do would be to focus on Earth and try to improve its problems so that people could be living in a better environment that would help them a lot. Going into space may be exciting but you never know what could happen there and the problems that you might face:

  • You might get injured
  • You could come back to Earth with nothing
  • You risk your life just to get more knowledge
  • You put yourself in danger
  • Your health and safety might all change just on that one trip

Always chose to be safe and put your health ahead of fame, fortune or even fun.

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School contemplative_molecule | Lyons Hall Primary School E
    26 Nov 2019

    i think it is a waste of money as you could use all the money to save homeless people and climate change.

    1. Hammond School logo determined_tree | Hammond Junior School E
      contemplative_molecule's comment 26 Nov 2019

      I agree because other people in the world are DYING and we could be using that wasted money on them. But, we shouldn't stop exploring space - we will not learn anything - instead, we should limit the amount of rockets we send into space. Also, we know more about the surface of the moon than we know about the bottom of the sea, so we could be spending some of that money on sending robots down to the great depths of our vast ocean.

  • Weston-Favell-logo-250x250.jpg honorable_conclusion | Weston Favell Academy | United Kingdom
    26 Nov 2019

    I understand your point of view ; however, I disagree. Space exploration has a lot of benefits to us - some of them immediate and some of them happen overtime. For example, several inventions have been discovered after space and new inventions can be trialed in space. For example, scratch resistant lenses were discovered after the astronauts needed there helmets to be protected. Scratch resistant lenses aren't just used for glasses. They are also used for microscope lenses. These can be used for fighting against cancer. This is really positive for the society.
    Therefore, I believe that space exploration is valuable because it has huge benefits to society.
    Ihttp://mazurekopticalservices.co.uk/microscopes-can-help-win-war-cancer/nformation found at : https://www.spacefoundation.org/space_technology_hal/scratch-resistant-lenses/

    1. Hammond School logo determined_tree | Hammond Junior School E
      honorable_conclusion's comment 26 Nov 2019

      Nice research. I didn't think of that! We were talking about space discoveries at school and scratch resistant lenses were one of them. We had to rate how important they were and I gave it a 2 because I was only thinking about glasses, but now you've changed my mind! But we have already discovered them, so we do not need to go into space anymore. But I can kind of see how exploring space might lead to other important discoveries...you could still go to space, but just not as much as we do now!

  • Crampton-logo-250x250.jpg successful_context | Crampton Primary School
    26 Nov 2019

    its not really worth it because you could just be risking your life

  • Hammond School logo determined_shrimp | Hammond Junior School B
    29 Nov 2019

    In my opinion it is not worth it because:

    Firstly, when you go into space your health, genes and blood changes. This was found out when NASA tested 2 identical twins and 1 of them went into space. Meanwhile, the other got his blood and genes tested. When the spacecraft landed on Earth, he got tested and after got compared to his twin and there were massive changes. We do not want more people having illnesses.

    Secondly, spacecrafts have a massive risk of loosing contact with Earth. An example is when India's most recent rocket lost contact with Earth and has not been heard from since. Also, some spacecrafts don't even make it off planet Earth. This was shown in 1986, when a spacecraft, carrying a teacher, exploded on lift off.

    On the other hand, if Mars is a habitable planet, we can prepare for when the Earth explodes. Water has been found on Mars but it is frozen, and underneath the rock. Also things could be found to cure diseases.

  • Braiswick Primary School succinct_leaves | Braiswick Primary School
    01 Dec 2019

    In my opinion, space exploration is worth it as we can find out a lot of information about space such as there might be habitable planets outside our solar system and that Mars might be hospitable for human life. But like you said, not every mission brings back such vital information and is seen as a waste of time and money. But is it really such a waste; it could give us information we take for granted in everyday life, but we don't realise that it came from space exploration. It also grants us tools we use often, but again we don't realise what it would be like without them. However, it can be bad for the environment and human (and dog!) health and safety. For example, there are 500000 small bits of space junk orbiting Earth that all come from humans polluting space. These increase the risk in space exploration as they can be hit by rockets and cause faults in the system. In this comment, I will be giving reasons for both opinions, and we can compare them and see which is the better argument.


    Every now and then, rockets will not go as planned and cause huge destruction and devastation. Although this might not seem like much a problem because it isn't regular, thousands of people will pour their heart and soul into that to just watch it fail. It can be extraordinarily depressing to see years of work vanish before your eyes, and it is a huge waste of money. NASA says that it costs £500 million to make a single rocket and although that doesn't seem like much, hundreds of rockets are launched into space every year, making it a huge waste every time one fails. And what is the point now we've discovered pretty much everything to do with space? There isn't anything left to find out now, so we should just stop or slow down on the amount of exploration in space and think about other more important matters. And that is the point: we have better problems to be dealing with like climate change, diseases, poverty and overpopulation. With £2 billion, maleria - a disease that kills thousands of people every year - could be wiped out and would save many lives. As a side note, I found this information on an Editor's Pick but I can't remember which one so just see if you can find the right one and read that post to find out more information. Anyway, £2 billion - £3 billion is used every year to maintain the ISS, but if we put that money towards more important things like diseases, we could get rid of many of them and maintain human's health and safety rather than finding out almost useless information. We shouldn't care about one's fame over people's health as we don't really need this.


    From space exploration, we have discovered very valuable knowledge that helps us in everyday life, and that will help us in the future to migrate to another planet. This will help us in the future when Earth is too hot from climate change as we can avoid any dangers on Earth. With the help of space exploration, scientists have discovered many habitable exoplanets (a planet outside of our own solar system) that humans are seriously planning to live on. But we have also discovered aliens - or other intelegent life - that could be planning to attack us. For example, there have been many reports of people describing what aliens look like and have alledgedly been kidnapped by them from a UFO. And there have been sightings of aliens in Area 51, a place in America were aliens are thought to have crashed from the UFO-like objects there. As a result of space exploration, lots of useful things have been created that we take for granted as well, and we might not realise that they came from space exploration. To give an example, mini-vacuums were originally created to clean the astronauts space suit and make sure they didn't get infected, but now some people use them to clean bits of their house that a regular vacuum can't fit in. Another thing is wireless headphones. Wireless headphones were intended to help astronauts by making that they didn't have to fiddle with all the wires and could focus on more important things such as making sure they didn't crash. However, lots of gamers now use these to play and make the sound quality better. I, personally, find that they are really helpful so you can just focus on the game and not have to worry about plugging all the wires in and getting them in the correct ports.

    I think that space exploration isn't necessarily not worth it, but we should definite cut down on how much of it we do to save the planet and people's lives, not other people's fame and popularity.

    Information found at https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/life-unbounded/rocket-launches-are-surprisingly-successful/



    1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
      succinct_leaves's comment 02 Dec 2019

      A thorough exploration of the different arguments for each side, succinct_leaves. Can you work out what one reason/argument/claim in your comment is easiest to argue against, and say why?

      1. Braiswick Primary School succinct_leaves | Braiswick Primary School
        Tom @ Topical Talk's comment 03 Dec 2019

        I think the one about aliens, since it seems not logical to some people that there would be another intelligent life form put there. This is mostly because the odds of human life were so low some people think it is impossible to happen again. But another reason is that people are scared of them because of how they are portrayed in films/movies/TV shows as being bad people wanting to take over our planet and invade us. And also some people think the reports of aliens are fake, and are just to make someone read the article and change their minds.

  • Preston Manor School valuable_personality | Preston Manor School | United Kingdom
    13 Dec 2019

    i completely agree with you as i think everyone gets really excited about space exploration but if you look closer you will see it is not all fun and games and there are a lot off downside and negative effects that a lot of people dont see.

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