How do Space Satellites affect our daily life?

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How do Space Satellites affect our daily life?

The first Satellite launched into space was named 'Sputnik'. It was launched on October 4th 1957, at 07:28 pm. It was launched by Russia in The Cold War. The Cold War was a War without hostility in a physical way. It was the battle between The Soviet Union (Russia) and the USA. Both countries were fighting to be the first to the moon.

This satellite was in orbit until January 4th, 1958. It was pulled into the Earth's atmosphere and burned to ashes.

However, other Satellites are still in space.

They help us with multiple things, like:

  • GPS. (A SAT- Nav uses this to locate where you are. Other things, like games, need this too.)
  • Internet browsers.

They also help with scientific discoveries, such as:

  • To study Earth and Space in better detail.
  • They measure gases in the atmosphere.
  • They measure wildfires, volcanoes and smoke.

This helps scientists to understand the weather and climate.

There are many other benefits to Satellites in Space.

Q: What other benefits are there to Space Satellites?

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