How long will we be wanting to go to space?

My question is how long do people wan’t to go to space? As far as I am concerned, it shouldn’t be to many decades before we have the robot astronauts checking out the moon. I mean, we have had over 100 space missions launched since 1969. That’s only 50 years ago and that was when people really wanted to go to space. But it really would be call if a robotic Astronaut went up to space and said “ one small step for robot and one giant leap robot astronauts” ,you can’t argue with that.

Although I do understand that going to space is really cool as it is some children’s dream to be an astronaut. Think about it being on the news after possibly ‘youngest astronaut hits the moon’. Plus, men ( and women ) haven’t reached further than the moon when taken off earth so that could be another achievement under your name.

Hope you now think what I think,

by sociable_volcano

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