How would humans react if we really found aliens?

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If aliens reach out to us, what would happen first? It's a question that has puzzled science-fiction fans and scientists alike for many decades now. Although it is very unlikely, since the start of space exploration in the mid-1900s, there have been some subtle clues that extraterrestrial beings do exist somewhere in space.

On October 30th, 1938, a dramatised version of the 1898 H.G Wells novel "the war of the worlds" played on radio systems across the USA. The story emphasises a martian attack on earth. The radio broadcast caused a varied reaction across the US when people mistook it for a real radio report. Accounts vary as to the level of a reaction there was, while some accounts describe a nationwide panic and others describe many people not actually having heard the report, it gives us a clue as to how humans would react.

Many people are skeptical about the reliability of the information we receive regarding space, myself included, and others believe everything they are told. This would cause a nationwide debate as the two sides would have their diverse beliefs and we would need exact proof from the space explorers in order to settle the commotion. If evidence does reach the public before the scientists have finished analysing it, they would use something called The Rio Scale which represents the degree of likelihood that alien contact would happen. While alien contact is unlikely, the numbers on this scale would either mean that the public run far from the expected "first contact area" or would quickly forget this ever happened and move onto gossiping about the next big news update.

In conclusion, is hard to predict how humans would deal with the discovery of aliens as we all have different opinions and beliefs. Based on the current situation, aliens are not coming to earth and if they do it will be so far into the future. Some of us in our lifetime may never experience this. We simply cannot predict the future.

We may react in shock or in fear but we will never know until it happens.

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