Is it worth it ????

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Is it worth it ????

I think it is worth it because it is making room for a new generation of space exploration for the future people of our planet .It is also the cost because everytime somebody goes into the solar system to discover facts about the moon they always come back with not just facts about the moon but lots of different facts about the solar system,every discovery they make some of them might link to each other like exoplanets and the solar system.

Why does exoplanets and the solar system link?

exoplanets and the solar system link because astronouts have discovered over 4000 planets that do not orbit the Sun and they are outside the solar system.These planets are important beause they might have an impact on the future of our planet like they could have an effect on the enviroment of the Earth.

Is space exploration actually worth it ???

Yes it is because we can find out more about the enviroment outside of our planet and we can also find out lots more facts about the solar system.So I say lets carry on space exploration.


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