Is it worth spending thousands of dollars on a Space Force?

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Donald Trump's plan on creating a space force is a ridiculous idea in some views but in others,it might possibly be a smart decision.

He says ,''We have to be prepared,'' in the Oval Office. He made plans on creating a Space Force to the lead military service responsible for space missions. This is to expand his power and to also show the world the country's wealth as it costed a whopping $13 billion dollars including the $550 million dollars spent on additional International Studies.

Why do we need a Space Force?

Pence has made the argument that space is a "war-fighting domain" and that other global powers like Russia and China are already treating it as such. That phrase echoes what some in the Air Force have been saying for months.

The stakes are high. Much of our 21st-century economy and lifestyle -- from bank transactions to weather forecasting to television service to the GPS directions guiding you on your vacation road trip -- depends on satellites functioning round the clock and without interruption. The military depends on them too.

But space right now is a bit like the Wild West, with a wide-ranging mix of government and commercial satellites, all of them sitting ducks.

We've even seen an instance of target practice: In 2007, China shot down one of its own satellites -- mission accomplished in its own right, it also littered orbit with potentially destructive space debris. Many saw the operation as a veiled display of military power.

On one hand it is a good idea to be creating a Space Force because CNET News say that they have found out that China has shot down one of its own satellites as a 'mission in its own right' and the US are protecting the satellites of many other countries and mainly its own due to the fact that the world essentially depends on them for GPS location, WiFi, Mobile Data etc. and if the world was to lose all these satellites, the connectivity would be gone.

However it could have a devasting effect on the US because as they wanted to expand their forces, it will make the US Air Force less effective for the reason that they will be sharing the same commander of the US Air Force with the US Space Force - John ''Jay'' Raymond - which causes them to be having more attention and spending billions of dollars for the US Space Force over than the Air Force. If you were to compare it with other countries they are combining their Air Force with Space Force (for example China).

In conclusion, I think that it is a good plan for creating a Space Force because it can help to save many satellites from certain countries and from future damages or attacks. Additionally, it prepares - as Trump said - the people for future cases and attacks that could happen in space or attacks that will have a consequence on space.

Well, what do you think?

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