Is it worth the cost?

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I believe that it is and is not worth the cost.I believe this because:

Worth the cost:

1.I think it is worth the cost because you can explore new things we never knew about.

2.It is worth it because we can learn new things that children can study about to teach their parent's,family,friends and foreingers who has never studied before and really wants to.

Not worth the cost:

1.It is a waste of time because some people's explorations do not often work.

2.It is a waste of money that you should be using on things like education,health,houses,work and the provision you have around you.

3.Alot of people want to explore space (but do not have the money) when they earn the money they will think there is no point on wasting good money.

Therefore,after this I think it is not worth the cost.

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