Is it worth the cost ??

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is it worth the cost ???

i think it is worth the cost because if you go to space you could find out many new things for space history.If you go to space you could discover about the possibly space life, planets and much much more . In my opinion i think space is an incredible thing to learn about ,so far i have learnt about who was the first person on the moon - Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin i also learnt that there was a space race between NASA and Russia but NASA won and i learnt about space stations and them being the most expensive thing to make / buy in the world right now and there trying to make inflatable ones so it wouldnt be as expensive and i learnt much more like space trash , space health and space exploration . I also think I wouldn’t like going To space because there a risk of death and I really don’t like fast rollercoasters so I think it wouldnt be a good trip there and back for me but in total fact i would love to go to space !!

If there is any Question please comment below and I will answer it !

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