Is Space Exploration Worth The Cost?

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Today, upbeat_acorn will be Elizabeth Walker, talented_cookie will be Molly Mills and we will add another person that will be Oliver Blackwell. This is the NASA news so we hope you will enjoy it! *These are not real names*

Molly: Welcome to the NASA news! I will be your host today and we will be asking some questions to some experts about space. They have kindly volenteered. May I please welcome to you, Elizabeth Walker and Oliver Blackwell! Please take a seat as we are about to ask a debatable question; is space exploration worth the cost? Elizabeth, may you please start the discussion?

Elizabeth: Well, Molly. In my eyes, I think that space exploration is 100% worth the cost eventhough it may have negative reasons. We will need another planet just in case our planet has too much danger that we couldn't handle. We will learn or find new things that could change history! Who will know what will happen to our future!

Molly: This is a very interesting beggining to our discussion! Oliver, may you please take on with your opinion?

Oliver: Of course Molly. My opinion is the oposite from Elizabeth. Well, it will cost about £250,000 for a ticket to go to space if you wanted to have a holiday there. It is a wast of money even if your an astronaut and your mission could fail and that could be very worrying. If Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Micheal Collins didn't succeed then who knows what could happen! It's sacrificing your life on something dangerous!

Molly: Elizabeth please take on. Elizabeth and Oliver, you are starting this discussion really well!

Elizabeth: Thank you Oliver. I do realise that you do want people to be safe and well but I am still not convinced. If we haven't explored space then where would we get our facts from? Eitherway, it wouldn't be sensible to stop now because many people around the world and many space stations ( NASA and more ) have already got into the habit of learing and exploring space. Don't you realise?

Molly: Looks like we are going into our conversation really well! I'm glad that your using enough facts to support your point of view! Oliver your turn to try to convince Elizabeth.

Oliver: That is a really good point Elizabeth but I still am sticking with my opinion. I do understand that many people have already been used to exploring and learning about space but here is the big problem. We have too many problems that we haven't solved down here. It's also really surprising that we know more about space than our oceans! People may think and realise that it is difficult to explore the sea floors but exploring space is way to risky. It does take six months only to be in space and it could take even longer to get to the place you want to travel to.

Molly: Sorry guys but we are a little short on time here as w are finishing our NASA news soon. Looks like you have discussed some really good points here as on;is space exploration worth the cost? Remember, I was your host today and I'll see you guys in the next NASA news!!!

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