Is space exploration worth the cost?

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Today is the day I can finaly answer the question 'is it worth the cost?'. I'm going to be writing my opinion at the verry end of this post so if you just want to here my opinion, skip to the end.

First side of the question- Yes, space exploration is worth the cost

Space exploration is worth the cost. It has brought many educational pictures back for us to study. Without it, we wouldnt know that Pluto is a dwarf planet or the order of the solar system. Another reason why space exploration is worth the cost is because without it, we wouldn't know that the suns light reflects on the moon or how an eclips is formed.

To sumerise this, Space exploration is worth the cost. The evidence I have used I've used is that without space exploration, we wouldn't be able to gain all the knowladge we would need to know about space. My reason as to this is because whe people explore space, they might bring back saples from space to experiment on. Take the moon for example. If there was no space exploration, we wouldn't know the moon was made of rocks.

Second side of the question- No, space exploration is not worth the cost.

Space exploration is not worth the cost. I know if there was no such thing as space exploration then we wouldnt know anything about space but we are risking the life of inicent people. My reason is because if a rocket exploded, there may not be any servivers to bring back any informtion about space. Another reason is that space exploration can cost a lot of money and we could be using that money on giving more money to schools for supplies.

To sumerise this, Space exploration is not worth the cost. The evidence I have used I've used is that if we continue exploring space, we will soon end up with no money for all of the schools to spend on supplies. My reason is that with spce exploration, we are loosing a lot of money and that money could be vital for our suvival. Take university for example. If we don't have enough money to spend on university then the it wouldn't be clean and people wouldn't want to go there at all.

My opinion

To be honist, I'm not realy sure. I don't realy understand why some people don't think space exploration is worth the cost but, my answer is going to be baced on all the facts I have collected.

I think space exploration is worth the cost because everything we know about space now would have come from space exploration. If there was no such thing as space exploration, we wouldnt know if the information we are collecting from books, for example ensiclopedias, are opinions or not. Take Pluto for example. If people didn't expore space, we wouldnt know that Pluto was a dwarf planet or even if there was such thing as a dwarf planet! Nor would we know the order of the planets from the sun to Pluto.

What do you think?

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  • tom Tom @ Topical Talk
    18 Dec 2019

    Thank you for this post, original_significance - a good example of speaking up and with reasons! And well done for being unafraid to say 'I'm not really sure!'

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  • Upton-Cross-logo-250x250.jpg brilliant_fossil | Upton Cross Primary School | United Kingdom
    18 Dec 2019

    I agree with you because there is both sides of having it worth the cost or not worth the cost and it is really hard to decide because if we stick with 'it's not worth the cost' we wouldn't have an education of space but if we said that 'it's worth the cost' then we could just be waisting our time watching rockets exploding or not setting off how we should be and we could have been risking our lifes with less and less man out in the world because every single country has astronauts going into space so I am also stuck.

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  • Hammond School logo miraculous_knowledge | Hammond Junior School A
    18 Dec 2019

    I think that space exploration is not worth the cost because Earth is our home and it is our job to protect it. We have started climate change, due to all of the fumes that cars are producing, so now we focus on stopping it and not on space exploration. If we were to find another planet then that would probably end up destroying that and then in billions of years time we probably won't have anymore planets on our solar system. The chances are that we won't actually find another planet that we can inhabit so we would have risked an astronauts life as well as waisted 1 billion pound rocket. All of the fumes we use also effect the planet to by the time we have found another planet the Earth will already have been destroyed! If we were to have found another planet then we would not be able to transfer all of the 8 billion people and all of the animals safely.

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