Is Space Exploration Worth The Cost?

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Jake [Presenter] : Good morning kind ladies and gentlemens, we are here to debate about space exploration! We are spending billions of dollars on this. Our guests here will be debating for and against about if it is worth the cost. Do you think it is worth the cost? Lets find out,

Why do you think it is worth the cost?

Kester [For] : It is only $61 per person, and health is over $2000 [$2210] so it is not that much. We have only explored less than 2% of the universe. Furthermore, we can be more omniscient to our universe

Jake : Am I right that other things can be more expensive than space exploration?

Kester : Yes, that is true, it is not just space exploration that people find it is not worth the cost. There are lots more debates like this about other things.

Jake : What other reasons to go?

Kester : Fortunately, we could find another planet like earth. if the earth is gone, we will still have somewhere to live. Also, earth is a nutrition, then we could get it from other planets.

Jake : Why do you think it is not worth the cost?

Nicolas [Against] : It is too late! Even if we did try, there is a chance we won't find anything. We will be wasting too much money on nothing!

Jake : What other reasons to go?

Nicolas : There are other important subjects we can work on other than space such as natural habitats, biography etc. We should find out everything about earth then space since it will be cheaper anyway.

Jake : Am I right that we should start with studying earth before studying space?

Nicolas : Yes, this is because we never know what other secrets earth is hiding from us. Then we will be more clever at studying space afterwards.

Jake : Mr Kester, what amazing discoveries have we discovered in space?

Kester : We have found signs of water in space which means we could potentially move to the "planet" . We have minerals and rocks, some are harder than hexagonal diamonds. Some are weaker than wet wood. We have discovered a planet with three suns!

Jake : What about missions so far, are they worth it Nicholas?

Nicholas : We could make it our last missions.

Jake : Is there a problem for spending too much money?

Nicholas : Yes, since not all humans are ready to move out of earth into a new planet because the homeless people need our help. If we find a planet already, not all humans may be able to get to the planet. In other words, if we find it too late, first we lost all the money we spent on this, thus we all die!

Jake : What do you guys think are the risks of your decisions?

Kester : There could be deaths during the flight and consequently, there would be litter where we have been due to the rockets. In addition, only a few people could get on a rocket so we need to spend an extroadinarily amount of money on space. Not just $61 on per person. Earth will be lacking minerals since we are using fuel to power the ships.

Nicholas : I feel like there might be a problem where Kester said "we might be too late" and then lives will all be at risk.

Thank you for shaing this exceedingly amazing information!

That is all for me today, we will be back up later!

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