Is Space Exploration Worth The Cost?

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I have came to an ending decission about ; is space exploration worth the cost? At the beggining of the issue, I was inbetween both of the sides an couldn't really decide what side I would stick with but now I know what side I choose. Space Exploration is not worth the cost. Here is exactly why.

Nobody has realised the amount of money being spent as the first topic. The United States have spent $18 billion on space exploration. That wouldn't be really a surprise though as they sent Neil Armstrong up to space and they have sent many rockets to space. Still, $18 billion is a large amount of money just on space exploration. By spending $18 billion on space exploration, think about how many fails they have had. All over the world, 5,038 and many failed missions could have happened. It's a waste of money just on something that could not go well. It does risk other peoples' lives!

For another topic on why it's not worth the cost is about our Earth. Many people have been so focused into space exploration that they have forgot about the Earth. We have many issues here that we can't solve and could be complicated. We haven't even found out a lot about our oceans as we are to concentrated on space! Did you know that we know more about the moon than our Earth? It's really surprising! Our own Earth that we get the chance to live on now hasn't been explored fully! Nobody could tell the future and nobody could tell when the world could end and we could be in another place. Who will ever know if this is our only chance to explore the deeps of Earth?

This is my opinion but there are many more reasons on why it not a good idea.


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  • global-conversation.png unassuming_pineapple | Mwangaza Secondary School | Kenya
    28 May 2020

    As for me I think space exploration is worth it since it helps to answer the question what lies beyond earth? Which got most people curios. Secondly space exploration has help to improve the life status of people since thanks to space travel there is the satellite. Thirdly is that space exploration improves humans brain capacity as the learn how to make the rockets and other gadgets. This knowledge will somehow help in solving our problems. Lastly is that some problems can only be saved from the outside if not from the inside. Simply I am trying to say that maybe space travel might help us in solving the problem in air pollution.

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  • British Council.jpg strong_bird | Marka Prep. Girls School 2 | Jordan
    17 Mar 2022

    In my opinion, I think that space is very wide and cannot be explored in years, but centuries, and it takes a very long time to reach it and make a plan, isn't that right?

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