Is Space Exploration worth the cost? - A debate on NASA news

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Presenter: Good morning and welcome to NASA news. Today we will be discussing the current issue of ‘is space exploration worth the cost?’ We are joined by Cloe Martez the once astronaut and Lulu Woods, the space journalist/scientist. What is your opinion on this Cloe Martez?

Guest 1: My opinion on this subject is that Space exploration is worth the colossal cost, I believe this because space may look small, however when you get the experience to actually go to space it hides secrets inside the particles of space which implies to be prodigious. Also, we need to keep exploring space because they may be extra-terrestrial life on Mars or other planets and sometimes we don’t even know main details about space.

Guest 2: My opinion on this is that space exploration is not worth the cost because there have been many incidents in the galactic universe for example: When a young man travelled into space he travelled to far and got lost, his name was Georgi Dobrovolski. This worries me and I believe that we shouldn’t travel into space. I also believe that people that get injured and that would be a shocking loss of money.

Presenter: Well, we have had a very passionate debate today, well thought out. However, I have a few questions for our contenders. Cloe Martez, what if a rocket crashed, wouldn’t that be a huge amount of money wasted?

Guest 1: Well, that would be a huge waste of money, yes but think about what that money is going for, Space and if we didn’t try that we would know how to fix the problem if it ever happened again.

Presenter: True, Lulu Woods what do you think about this?

Guest 2: I believe this, however If we didn’t even launch the rocket, we wouldn’t ever have the problem. I truly believe that space exploration isn’t worth the sizable amount of money because it costs 250,000 to tens of millions of dollars.

Presenter: It has been an extraordinary debate today but sadly its coming to an end, I have been John Walker, you have been amazing, have a happy new year and I’ll see you next time on NASA News.

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