Is space exploration worth the cost? A debate podcast

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This is a piece done by: lovable_writer, artistic_cheetah and skilful_passionfruit

Presenter: Hello, this is your weekly news debate, discussing issues that are relevant to you. Today, our debate will be, 'Is space exploration really worth the cost?' An out of this world topic, I'm sure you'll agree! Our two spokespeople for today will be Jason, an astronomer, who will be arguing for the question and Maisy, an academic and climate scientist, who will be arguing against him. Maisy and James, welcome to the studio!


Presenter: So, first we have James, explaining why space exploration is such a beneficial, intriguing field to invest in and be interested in.

James: Hi, it's amazing to be here! As you already know, my name is James and I work as an astronomer. My job is to learn and investigate space from my office, using satellite data, telescope images and results from space investigations. However, there's only so much we can do from a desk chair on Earth. This is why it is incredibly important to explore and travel into space. Space is such a huge and unknown expanse of undiscovered discoveries. It is bigger than the human mind, apart from very few, can fathom. It is also crucial to understand it further because we can therefore learn more about our own planet, and make key scientific breakthroughs. Take a planet like Mars, one which we have learned has many similarities to Earth, like four seasons and a 24-hour day. Think about how amazing it would be if we could inhabit a planet outside of Earth's atmosphere. Imagine the impact that could have on human life and development, and all the problems we have at the moment here. There is no denying that space exploration could have a significant influence on the way we all live our lives.

Presenter: Thank you, James, for such a detailed and fascinating point. We will now hear from Marie, who is opposing James' argument.

Marie: Thank you! I'm thrilled to be invited on such a wonderful podcast program. I'm here today to argue that space exploration is NOT worth the cost. My job is to investigate the planet's state and increase awareness about the issue of climate change that we are currently facing. In day to day life, I come across so many horrific statistics and learn about how we are affecting Earth. Therefore, I am passionate about lessening our impact on the planet we live on. It is an essential factor of my responsibilities to recognise main causes and actions that are leading to Earth's deterioration. I have to say that many causes are difficult to identify, and might take years for a group of a hundred scientists to figure out, but in my whole career, I have never come across a cause so easy to discover as space exploration. Can you imagine the amount of force and fuel required to propel a rocket through the atmosphere deep into outer space? Well, all of those toxic and harmful fumes are released into our air and begin to rapidly eat away at our atmosphere and ozone layer. Think about how much money the ISS cost, $150,000,000,000. How many starving children could have been fed? Or how many environmental charities could have been funded to make a real difference?

Presenter: Thank you, Marie, for another deeply thought-provoking argument. We have heard today two strong arguments which I hope will inspire those of you listening at home to consider them. I will leave you with this question to think about over the next week. Thank you for listening today! Join us next week for a valuable insight into the conservation of arctic habitats, and how we should approach the issue. For now, goodbye!

All: Goodbye!

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  • Hammond School logo genuine_cat | Hammond Junior School A
    18 Dec 2019

    Governments around the world, should not spend as much money on space exploration. Only a few billion pounds each year spent on tackling climate change, poverty and reducing the amount of rough sleepers, compared to the 21
    billion dollar the USA spends on NASA. The reasons why we should not spend so much money on space exploration are stated below:
    0 We need to tackle climate change to have a Earth for future generations to live on.
    0People around the world are suffering as they do not have enough money to feed their family
    0 Help children who do not have access to a good education so they can unleash their full potential
    0 Help people in need of surgery or treatment but have no access to the right medical care

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  • Beverley-St-Nicholas-logo-250x250.jpg valuable_passionfruit | Beverley St Nicholas Primary School A | United Kingdom
    24 Sep 2020

    I think it is worth going to space because we could find some intelligent life witch could prove that life has one's been on that planet.

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