Is Space Exploration Worth The Cost? with Professor Lila Thompson And Sir Rocky Jones

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Presenter: Hello everybody, welcome to St Nicks News,today we have two special guests; Miss Professor Lila Thompson and Mr Sir Rocky Jones. I am going to talk to them in this special debate episode.So Professor,can you tell me about how much money you spend on space equipment?

Professor Lila: It costs a lot of money. £250,000,000 - £356,000,000 to be proscise.

Presenter: So Mr Rocky, are they any problems about this?

Sir Rocky: Yes, I think that is way to much money!

Presenter: So, Lila, can you clarify what you do at the International Space Station?

Professor Lila: At the International Space Station I study minerals and how they get there.

Presenter: Mr Rocky, am I right saying that this is a goodor bad idea?

Sir Rocky: I think this is a bad idea because minerals are dangerous.

Presenter: So, Miss Thompson, do you have proof that aliens are real.

Professor Lila: I don't have any evidence, but aliens might be real.After I have done my minerals essay, I will study aliens.

Presenter: Mr Rocky, do you agree?

Sir Rocky: I disagree because knowbody has ever seen an alien!

Presenter: How would you respond to the point that Mr Rocky just said?

Professor Lila: Well, you never know, nextime Sir Rocky goes to space, he might just discover an alien!

Presenter: Mr Rocky, is they any other ways that we could use to change space exploration?

Sir Rocky: No because, I don't want to change it much.

Presenter: Miss Thompson, is they any other ways you can travel to space/

Professor Lila: We currently use rockets,but, we are still working on other veichals.

Presenter: Mr Rocky, do you haveb an example that Lila is wrong?

Sir Rocky: Yes, only rockets can go to space.

Presenter: Thank you for joining us,we hope the viewers decide who is right or wrong by voting on our website.Goodbye!

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