Is space exploration worth the cost?

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Why we shouldn’t carry on space exploration.

Although space is a really nice sight to see, there are a lot of reasons against that.If you went into space and your space ship failed then all of that money that you spent could of gone to people that really need it like children in need and hospitals or even helping fix climate change . Carrying on from this,in space You could get sick and it may spread. Also, emissions from space crafts could damage the ozone layer.

why we should carry on space exploration.

On the other hand, some people might disagree with the previous argument. some may think that being able to explore and bring back new things is amazing.They also think that if we explore more of our surroundings in space then if we make our earth bad enough that we have to move , then we can go to a place that astronousts have discovered.we can also get lots of money from the stuff that we bring back from space,which could also help.

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