Is space silent

Today we are going to be debating about whether space is silent...

Markus: Space is definitely silent as exploding stars do not give sound but mere vibratiions

Jo: I strongly disagree with you markus, your teacher might have talked about the movie Alien and how no one is space can hear you scream but this is purely science fiction. Sound is actualy vibrations, so in fact the vibrations in space would give of sound; to what degree, we Do not know?

Markus: But sometimes movies can be non-fiction but for the most part it is fiction and about something made up.

Jo: Very high pitched crackles come from space as magnetically opposed particles rub together and create energy. The sun, as it spews out gases at random intervals makes very weird sounds that the human ear cannot detect. You can find modern interpretations of the sound the Sun makes online.

Markus: If the human ear cannot detect these sounds you talk about, how can we know they actually happened.

Jo: Have you heard of modern technologies which can detect sounds which our ears cannot detect.

Markus: Oh...

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