Is space what you think it may be?

Space is a magnificant place, it has many mysteries still waitng to be discovered. Space is an awsome place to be , because if it wasn't then Neil Armstrong wouldn't have aspired to walk on the moon. However,space can also be a verry dangerous place for example, when your up in space and you are disconnected from the cord that is atached to your rocket , you'll be drifting away in continous circles, and probably die from lack of water and food.

I'm am not trying to sound biased or to ruin anyone dreams, but from what I've heard space is too scary for me, in my opinion I would prefer to stay down here on earth where I know that I'm safe. However, I don't know about how much this earth will strive due to global warming, but in my science lessons I've heard that scentist have found a new palnet called 'Earth B?/Planet '. It is proven, that it has water (which is vital to life), plants and oxyegrn so it wouldn't be the same as earth but it is close.

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