is space worth the cost?

I believe that space exploration is not worth the cost.

I have learned that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon in 1969 thanks to the life supoort systems that saves there lives thanks to nasa.Today, in 2017/2018 around then Elon Musk has created an orginsation called SpaceX. This orginsation wants to sends non astronauts into space by 2030 but they have delaied 7 of there callbacks already. Japan sent a astronaut into space but lost contact with it before the rocket touched the moon. They also sent a robot into space and it landed on the moon but it was lost and then found they plan to build a bigger international space-station and a station on the moon.

Some of the reasons i know will be a total failure if you do this (in my opinion)

1. The cost for space explation ticket is about $250,000/£250,000 but if you were lost or died you would of paid a lot of money for you to die.

2. Probably Nasa will follow the rocket and its quordinates maybe they could loose contact with it and they wont know if they survived or died

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  • Hammond School logo precious_desert | Hammond Junior School B
    20 Dec 2019

    That's some good reasoning because they have already given out tickets for £250,000 and if people were to die or get lost that would be a waist of money and yeah they have already delaid 7 flights which is very unfair. However there are medicines out there which can cure people who we can't and explore more galaxy's.

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