Letter to MP on Space exploration

To Will Quince, if your opinion is to not approve of Space exploration I am unfortunately against you but if you do approve of Space exploration, I agree. There are many things to admit that Space exploration is a bad thing, a reason that you can not argue with would be Space junk. If a spacecraft fails on an assignment or mission that will turn into Space junk as the people in it will die. If missions keep failing too much, it is definite that there will a collision.

I think there are many useful reasons for exploraing because we can find materials, like metal as metal comes from Space and we could use that to make something useful for Earth. Also from succinct_leaves, he said that Climate change will come indestructible in about twelve years so we should sort this out now so we can still live on this planet and people do not have to go buy the force field that will protect you on Mars, (I also can not remember this properly but it was about Mars).

If I were against Space exploration my strongest reason would be that it is risking people lives and wasting money - if a rocket fails - . This is because Space is a dangerous place with materials that are sharp asteriods or meteors. My strongest reason that Space exploration should continue would be that Space is useful. We csn gather knowledge from Space to do things and it is an interesting subject which could help in education, and even if we do not find anything useful, it is exciting and can make people happy.

In summary, I think Space exploration is a good thing but we should not ignore it or take this too seriously. If you are against me on this topic Will Quince, I hope I conviced you. I would also like to hear your thoughts.

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  • Hammond School logo courageous_fern | Hammond Junior School A
    13 Dec 2019

    I disagree with you because as you have written, he said that Climate Change would become indestructible in about 12 years. Space exploration costs a lot of money and contributes to Climate Change because of the fuel. We need to find a solution to this before humans wreck Earth instead of making Climate Change worse, waisting money and waisting precious time.

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  • Braiswick Primary School spirited_insect | Braiswick Primary School
    15 Dec 2019

    But this knowledge that we gather from space exploration Could help in defeating climate change. We could also travel short distances so we do not use too much fuel and gather knowledge at the same time. Also I do not think we will use that much fuel.

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