Money or Lives?

This term's topic is "Space Exploration: is it worth the cost?"

However, it does not specify what the cost is. Money, materials, lives, people, work, time, there are so many to choose from. I have chosen two to feature in this post, and - as you may have gathered - they are money, and lives.

Firstly, money. Say you and a group of people spent hours and hours, working on a robot, raising millions of pounds to collect the materials. You have waited a long time for it to be space-worthy and now, here it is, going into space. You are sending up that robot that you spent so long working on, finally into space. You're excited, of course, (it could change the world!) and are hoping it will travel into Interstellar Space (a region of space between different star systems in our galaxy). Lift off in...







The rocket containing your robot blasts into the air, leaving plumes of smoke behind it. However, just as the capsule is about to go out of sight, you see an explosion in its place. Or at least, you hear it.

That robot, worth so much money, time and effort is nothing but dust now. How would you feel? I would feel like my world had just been shattered into a million pieces. Like I had just built a Lego house and my brother had trampled all over it; I was left to pick up the pieces.

The next scenario is pretty much the same, only involving humans: training for hours every day, getting ready to leave your families, etc. Imagine someone you know is traveling to space. You see the rocket whizz into the air only to spot an explosion where it was. Could you ever recover from something like that? The sad thing is, it had happened before. On February 1st, 2003, Columbia (a space shuttle made and sent by National Aeronautics and Space Administration) disintegrated as it went through the atmosphere, sadly killing all astronauts on board. Unfortunately, this was not the first. Challenger exploded, killing the seven astronauts present, on January 28th, 1986.

So, I ask you, what should we risk: money or lives. Here's my view, feel free to add yours in the comment section below.

I strongly believe that sending robots into space is the right choice. Unlike humans, robots do not have feelings. They are also programmed to be incredibly intelligent and spot things that we may not. It is never ok to put someone's life at risk, whether they have agreed to it or not; it's like animal testing. If robots are exploded or destroyed in the course of being sent into space, I feel it is better than a human being in that position.

This post is not meant to make people sad so if you are upset by this, make sure you tell someone.

Thank you for reading!

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