New science discovery might save us in future years.

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Scientists have discovered a 'miracle gel' shield that can make Mars habitable.

The gel shield is made from silica aerogel and is about two centimetres thick. Scientists say that the aerogel will help make mars a planet we can live on by melting the ice and therefore there will be water. The shield would trap heat and warm mars without using any internal heat sources.

I honestly think its a dumb idea. I just don't get how scientists can make a gel, and say that it will work! Also, if it does work, and we choose mars as our ''planet B'', by the time we get to Mars we would've grown out of our clothes! And if we live through that, we could've just stayed on earth. Not to mention, that if we're desperate for a new planet, most of us wouldn't afford it anyway. I mean, who has £77,000 laying around?

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