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Welcome to the weekly news. I'm Dragonfly Star. Here with me today I have Bob Howerritz which is for the cost of space exploration and Maximilian Pegasis which is against the cost of space exploration. So tell me Mr Howerritz how much money is spent on each person?

Sadly, only 61$ are spent on each person for space exploration. In my opinion, they should be giving more because space is important for us people on earrth as the minerals there are very expensive and could be sold for a fortune!

Thank you Mr. Howerritz for that information. Now Mr. Pegasis tell me your point of view?

I think that space tourism is seriously expensive. Virgin Galactic tickets cost a fortune. I wont waste money. Anyways why go Mars? 1 day on Mars= 750,000 years, you wont be alive. At least NASA can lower their prices.

Thank you on your points of view on the money Mr. Howerritz and Mr.Pegasis. Now, can you tell me Mr. Howerritz what is the history on space that has helped our planet?

Well ever since 1969 (When Neil Armstrong landed on the moon), many have tried to travel to the moon or just space really. As many have completed the travel to the moon, they are trying to make it happen for other people (Non-Astronauts) which means people are trying to make space tourism a thing for other people.

Thank you Mr.Howerritrz. Now tell me Mr. Pegasis what is the history on space that has affected our planet.

Moon rocks have affected our planet. As Mr Howeritz said, they can be sold for a fortune(possibly enough to get the International Space Station or four Virgin galactic tickets). They can have a big impact on earth as homeless people are poor and selling them and giving money to them can end homelessness forever.

Wow some amazing points given by both guests. Do you think we should risk our planet? Remember there is no planet B!!

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