Our Universe it will be.

Space Featured Image 6






Space, a place that has no beginning or end

It is a carer as it is a killer

It has no limit- it will extend

It is unpredictable, a book with a thriller

Big questions from a big brain

Curiosity from a child my age,

Some that are impossible to explain,

When you learn new things you turn a new page,

Knowledge, knowledge can save,

Especially from a very dark grave,

Life has secrets,

As so will you,

As nobody will no what's beyond the bleakness,

But there is a long timeline of how the universe grew

To know the answers to the unanswered,

You must think outside the box,

It's ok if you get flummox(ed)

You've not failed but have found 10,000 ways that won't work,

Space is similar to a confusing artwork,

600km stretched across

And our universe it will be,

Maybe in 2.5 million years, we might be in a new galaxy.

Thank you for reading.

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