Quiz on Planets

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Let's see How Smart You are on Planets!

This is YOUR choice.


How long does it take Mercury to orbit the Sun?

a) 94 days

b) 88 days

c) 4 days


The most common gas in Earth is...

a) hitrogen

b) argon

c) nitrogen


Mars is ______________ km

a) 228 km

b) 1009 km

c) 282 km


Jupiter's diameter is...

a) 778 million km

b) 182 million km

c) 23 million km


Winds in Saturn's atmosphere can reach ___________ mph

a) 1189 mph

b) 1000 mph

c) 1999 mph


Uranus was discovered BY...

a) William Shakespheare

b) William Wordsworth

c) William Herschel

Uranus was discovered IN...

a) 236 BC

b) 1892

c) 1781

Neptune was discovered on the...

a) 5 November

b) 25 December

c) 23 September

Thanks for reading!

You can go on ''the Solar Sytem and Earth'' by positive_heart.

Write your comments down of which a,b or ds did you think was the answer!

: )

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  • tom Tom @ Topical Talk
    11 Nov 2019

    Thank you for this positive_heart. Whilst I'm really glad you want to quiz others, it's best if you leave the quizzing to us as it's very difficult for you to give people feedback. Our quizzes allow people to see if they are wrong or right straight away.

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