Send robots into space, not humans

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If you send robots into space, you will not risk a human life, only an artificial creation. Robots can explore space more widely , not hampered by the lack of oxygen. If it is an advanced robot, it will have cameras and maybe increaced eyesight.They can rove the surface of uninhabitable planets like Mars or Mercury.

The advantage is if they get lost in space, you can track them , unlike a human in space. A human in space would be untrackable, unless they had a tracking device in suit. The tracker could be dislodged on some space gear but on a robot, it would be an inbuilt piece of technoligy . Robots would also be able to build a house or if there were enough and the time called for it, they could build a city.

Humans would expend lots of resorces but overall, it would be worth it , as Robots would be worth it. You could also get the robots to multi-task or help engineering dangerous things.They can do space work without the risk of a damaged suit and with a lesser risk of a damaged body, as they are constructed from metal and plastic.

A fleet of made of a few thousand robots would be demanding, resource-wise, and would use up billions of pounds, dollars or euros.They would make up for it, being able to mine crystals or metals on other planets or finding a safe place to settle in an alternate planet like neptune, witch is a large planet covered in ice. There are chances of creatures there so that proves its liveable. So the question is: how can we settle on a planet that is not our Earth?

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk 10 Dec 2019

    This is a well-written post that shows clear reasoning and evaluation. Well done! I like that it has led to your final question, which is a great one for other BNC members to discuss.

  • Here is a balanced argument about sending robots into space.
    I think that we should send them into space because we wouldn’t be taking any major risks that could put humans lives in danger. In this case,
    it wouldn’t really matter if we lose the robot.
    On the other hand, I think we shouldn’t send robots into space because it would cost us a fortune to build. It would kind of be a waste of money when we have more important things to spend it on (first aid, medicine e.t.c).

  • Great post! Here is what I think...
    Robots in space are still quite a new thing(especially ones with cameras and tracking devices that you are speaking of) and scientists haven't got the full idea of how they will act in space yet. What happens if it is a huge mission and people on earth see that a robot in space has found water and life on another planet, but just as they get the robot to examine it further, it fails and shuts down. I mean this is a possibility and could cost the government the idea of a new discovery; robots have been known to be unreliable. I am just sceptical that robots can completely replace humans in space. Robots are great for lowering the number of human fatalities and exploring depths of space that humans may be incapable of but the level of unreliability just out ways the positives. What do you think?

  • In answer to your question, I think that we cannot settle on a planet that is not earth. Research has shown that planets in the solar system are either too hot or too cold for humans to survive. For example, Mercury is currently 427 degrees Celcius and Mars is -60 degrees Celcius . Humans cannot survive on a planet with these temperatures.

    Furthermore, If we explore possible planets outside of the solar system, even if they are suitable to live on, they are either too small or too far away. Humans could not travel that far into space and survive. Most planets in other universes in space are micro planets and would be too small. There are 7.5 billion people in the world and earth is barely big enough for that many people. How would we survive on a smaller planet?

  • I thought a lot about how we could settle on a planet that isn't Earth.

    It is not just as simple as travelling by spaceship to another planet and beginning to establish ourselves there. There are many issues that need to be considered: whether the planet can even support life, whether there are harmful materials or bacteria there that might negatively affect humans, how we could get oxygen etc.

    It is all well and good to look for planets in the ‘goldilocks zone’- that is a planet situation the correct distance from its sun to be not too hot and not too cold. However, settling on one of these planets would require a lot more investigation. For example, the planet could be tidally locked which might mean that one side would always be hot and one side would always be cold. Another thing to consider is the atmosphere- not all planets in the goldilocks zone will have an atmosphere like ours.

    Even if these conditions are established, settling on another planet and building a colony would require access to water, food, space, people, construction materials, energy, transportation, communications, life support, simulated gravity and radiation protection. This is a lot and seems unrealistic to think we can ever get to a point where all of this would be possible.

    If people were determined to settle on another planet, however, there are things they could potentially do to solve these issues. A closed ecological system might be a good idea to provide life support, which was proven by the Biosphere 2 project in Arizona where a complex, small, enclosed, man-made biosphere was created that could support eight people for at least a year. To protect humans from radiation caused by cosmic rays and solar flares, lead could be used- perhaps to insulate buildings and habitats. Instead of electricity, solar power could be used as a form of energy, as this would still be available from the sun.

    Overall, I’m not sure it is possible to settle on a planet that isn’t Earth, at least not in the near future. Although there are ways of solving these issues, they seem like futuristic technology that I’m not convinced would work.

  • If we were to send robots to space then it would take longer than humans as you would have to programs all they are to do in orbit which would take years as we don't actually know what to do if we were to go to space and we wouldn't be able to do all the reader has that we could if we sent a human as the human would know there objective and be able tackle it in the fashion that we would want, also if we sent a robot it would be crushed under the pressure of going into orbit without a rocket if they were to. If there was a problem a human would know what to do as they have been trained and remember exactly what to do. Humans can go at a certain pace if there in a panic. Human will of been toured around the ship and know where everything is. When they get to the planet then the robots wouldn't know the things we need and were to go,there is no way we are controlling it with a remote control from 100,000 meters away, if we where to do asteroid mining then we would have to do everything so precisely it would be scary

    This has been excellent_brain

  • i think to spend robots into space because they will breath.

  • i agree that we sould because its safer👍🏻👌🏻 and beter because if the solders get IL🤮 they may die👻and also mite get hurt😥and tiard😴🤤and angry😤😡😣😒🙁

  • I believe that it should be robots because they don,t need to breath and are more sturdy and are better at getting samples

  • You have used lots of facts and I enjoyed reading it. Personally this is my opinion,I think that although using robots all the time will cost a lot of money I just think that it would be better to use robots instead of humans. If we are that bothered about going to space we need to think safely so if we use robots we will not be risking our life and if something went wrong we could just try and afford a new one. Also robots have lots of things that humans can't do like filming and having programs on them that can tell it what to do. I know that we would have to all put a lot of effort into getting anough money. Now I know that we can not just ask people for money and take it off of them but maybey when everyone pays their taxes some of it could be donated to help space with robots.

  • I like this post because we can use robots to see a better view also don’t have to use oxygen.We also don’t waste life’s

  • I agree with what you have said but one thing I am sceptical about is the fact that if the robots start to malfunction or if they were to break then what would be the resolution? You should understand that humans can’t malfunction or shut down physically unless they are fully ill. Could you consider some different disadvantages of space exploration using robots or other mechanical beings?

  • I think this is right, we can rebuild humans much quicker than humans. Robots are also programmed to survive, humans need lots of training, years worth. However, what if there is a gas that doesn’t affects robots and does affect humans? Humans could then go to that area without realising and painfully die a horrible death. How could this be prevented?

  • This is really good explanation and if we sent robots we could put a camera on the robot and see what’s on ‘mars’ and other things. Also I’m sceptical because humans can also be like robots but not quite,humans are like dectectives in space and they can also discover what’s hidden in the secret universe up there and humans have skills just like robots and they can also tell us there experiences just like robots.But humans can’t interact strait like robots.🤖or👤

  • I feel as if sending robots up to space is an idea that should be taken into account. Like the text said, it is not putting a persons life at risk only an artificial creation. Although I have a doubt, what if we loose contact with the robot then we have just forfeited a billion pound rocket. It could be a big fail or it could be an absolute success and it just depends whether we want to take that risk when we could send up a human that is trained to do the job. Also, if we were to send up robots instead of humans then that could be inconvenient for a person as they have spent almost all of their life training to go up to space to discover and if people replace them with a robot then that is a lot of years of hard work waisted. I think that it is better to send up humans as it is safer if you wanted a success in an experiment and they could get the job done without a doubt.

  • Robots are, in some ways, better than humans for the exploration of space because they can do risky activities that humans wouldn't do because of the high chance of death. Some of these "risky" activities include, going to a planet which humans wouldn't survive on, deciding to live on a different planet to the rest of humanity and being exposed to the sun's dangerous rays. It is also, like you said, better to not risk people's lives because robots aren't living so if they "die" it wouldn't matter as we could just make more of them. Robots also give us information quickly and clearly (we can even see exactly what they are seeing by adding cameras) and won't struggle to process any new information. We have found out a lot about Mars through robots and whether it is habitable or not and lots about other planets in our solar system. And we can send robots in bigger groups because they can take up the space that is used for food and drink and we don't need a huge supply for them - we just need them on their own.

    But humans are helpful as well because it is sometimes better for a real person to actually see the thing happening, and we can infer more information from that. If we were to start a colony on Mars, there would be no point in sending robots there because they are just used for finding out information but if we send humans to Mars it would help a lot with overpopulation and hunger, a very big problem in our society.


  • Very instresting and I like the fact about that the atificial creation

  • I don't think we should send robots into space because they are not as smart as humans

  • Humans should be used not humans because humans can actively respond to different scenarios whereas robots have to be programmed to make certain decisions and scientists might not have thought of all of them but, then again, robots are more precise and can carry out more tasks at once than humans can, but they cost a lot more money to use robots so at more cost you are getting more precision and the ability to store more infomation, but if a human dies on a mission it is a life lost and a human life means a lot to the people who love that person whereas a robot is not a life but a machine.

  • I really like this conclusion, that you have come to but i must say robots can react differently to humans.
    p.s keep up the good work.

  • I would like to build on the points I made before. Humans hold a number of advantages over robots. They can make quick decisions in response to changing conditions or new discoveries, rather than waiting for time-delayed instructions from Earth. They are more mobile than current robot explorers: The Apollo 17 astronauts covered more than 22 miles in three days, a distance that has taken the Mars Opportunity rover eight years to match. One the other hand, teleoperated robots on the surface of another planet would have greater strength, endurance, and precision than human explorers. However, robots cost more money, the curiosity rover costed 2.5 billion dollars, that money could be spent on reducing poverty and helping the planet. On the other hand, robots can take a lot more risks than a human can. So, in conclusion, by spending more you are getting a more tough explorer that can store a lot more information but as I said before, a human life means more than a robot life and even though machine learning is getting more advanced all the time humans can adjust the way they learn and can to something that is completely out of the ordinary. But, then again, robots do not have feelings so they can do things no matter the pressure or the cost.

  • I think, we should use both. I think we should use humans because they have been trained to react differently in different situations and they are smarter then robots in some situations e.g a man is ill or in shock and needs therapy in space, robots can’t do that. Furthermore, I think we should use robots because they can multitask, and do it really fast. However,if we just send robots up to space if they break in the middle of a important or life threatening situation, who will fix them? Humans. But, if a human got sick and the other astronauts can’t fix him/her then a robot might be programmed to know what to do.
    In conclusion, humans are great on their own, and robots are great in their own, but together they make a great team

  • This conversation has had various points through the comment section and although we may die if we go up into space and robots won't, if we send robots into orbit then they will get crushed from pressure pushing on them in space and we only have a certain amount of money and robots wouldn't know where to go, where to look at, what to research and if it was to we would have to spend years to program one to be able to do all a human can we also cannot communicate with the robots so we can't help them it is worth the risk of sending them into space as we have a brain that can intake information suddenly like if there were to be a problem a human can solve it but robots have to be programmed to do what they need to, we can save so much money sending people up to space and people might say that it's more dangerous but the astronauts know that and should be ready to risk there lives.

    This has been excellent_brain

  • Yes I think we should send robots into space because if something goes wrong it will not matter as much were as if it is a human it will be a huge lose.Also robots do not need to sleep they just need to be charged up.On the other hand because the robots need to be charged up we will need to charge them unless we put a long lasting battery in them which means we will not have to charge them as much.this is just a couple of things we could do to help with getting robots into space.

  • I agree because there are more people than robots on earth so then it's better to send humans up to space

  • Why should we use robots in space instead of humans when we have our own problems on earth?
    We are destroying the earth right now and we shouldn't be using robots to find new planets because they are to expensive, and we need to use our money wisely and not waste it on robots for space and use it for something more important, such as climate change and starving people in Africa. As well as this, we shouldn't be using too many humans to space for the exact same reason. Considering the other side of this argument, we should occasionally make explorations to space to find new possibly habitable places and something extremely helpful to the planet.

  • In my opinion we should use robots for space exploration over humans because.

    Firstly, robots cost a lot less money than rockets because every rocket launch costs a massive $152 million. A lot of this money could be spent more wisely by giving it to charities to give other humans tolerable and safe lives and tackling climate change which could make our planet to warm for us so the human race would end. These are things we DEFINITELY don’t want to happen.

    Secondly, space is a very dangerous place for humans to be. India’s most recent rocket proves that. As it was about to land on the rock of the moon, it lost contact with the space station and is still stranded in space. The percentage of this happening should be 0% but it unfortunately isn’t. Also, the Challenger ( a space shuttle carrying a teacher ) which was going to space for its 10 time in 1986 exploded on liftoff and those children ,who were there as a school trip, saw one of the biggest tragedies in the whole of space history. If robots went to space, there would be no massive heartbreaking deaths in space or lost people.

    On the other hand, robots can’t have quick human reactions; by the time the signal has been sent from Earth, the robot would have faced the consequences of not reacting quickly. Also, it would be great to have human footprints on these planets.

  • I believe we can send robots in space, but they would be accompanied by humans. This is because the robots could malfunction, and abandoning the mission would create more (almost worthless) space pollution. With humans, robots could be fixed again. However, supplies would be in greater need with humans as they need to eat. Would weigh down the ship, meaning more fuel would be needed.

  • I think we should send robots into space because it is not endangering other humans so if the space ship ,that we have launched, catches fire then the person that was in the previous rocket would be killed and the astronaut ( which could be one of our best ) would be gone. We should send humans up to space because if the space ship does catch ire then we would have waisted a lot of money on not only the space ship but the broken robot (robots) inside of it. Adding to this if we do send a robot to space then we would have to send a human with it in case the robot powers off when it is on the planet.

  • Sending robots into space means that we can see if a planet is liveable. Then that leaves a open gateway for humans to explore. So based on what I have just said, you probably think that I believe we should use man and machine, but the truth is is much more complex than that. Using humans is risky as a human can easily die on a completely new landscape, they don’t know the ins and outs of the place. On the other hand, robots cannot easily adapt to new conditions as they are built for one purpose. The curiosity rover was built to scale the rocky terrain on Mars and uncover its secrets, but now exploring Mars is about more than that. We need new and improved technologies to pursue the great goals of space exploration.

  • I have a mixed opinion about sending robots to space instead of humans.If we send robots’ into space it could be a good idea as if the mission backfires and goes wrong we can see how and where we went wrong and improvise so no one gets hurt or lost.On the other hand, if the mission is successful the robots may not be able to explore in greater depth and explore to find the correct conditions for humans to live on.In conclusion, I see both sides of this.

  • Sending robots into space means we wouldn’t know whether it was habitable or not

  • Robots should go up because they just need to be charged up and not have to sleep. Wouldn't that be easier, if you sent a fleet of rockets up to explore. And rockets cost much less.

  • Indeed!

    But, what if a robot malfunctions while it is in outer space? Probably when it explodes, if it does, the smoke could maybe stay for millenniums. Positively, it could be a great idea to send robots to space instead of humans. Even though they are not human, or they are mechanically created, they also can breathe in space (where no oxygen and carbon dioxide live). The robots should have cameras in their eyes.

  • Yess I agree with you crafty_reality because
    Humans can get really injured and might not return back to earth safely but robots if they are smart enough they can get pictures of the planets and if they ran out of battery or something we wont lose a living being instead we just loose a piece of technology

  • yes i agree because some people get hurt and the robots can send piece of information on what their on

  • I don't agree with this post because its wasting metal and money and Earth can go into financial crisis and wastes electricity and I also agree with busy_starfish, I agree with this because what if a robot malfunctions in space? It can explode. This is why I agree with busy starfish and why I disagree with this post.

  • I personally think that we should send robots or machines to go to space instead of humans. The reason I think we should send robots instead of humans is because humans can get affected and may get some differences they had not got before anywhere on their body. However, robots are not as important as humans and if they do get affected in space, it doesn’t matter as much as humans, but it would be quite a lot of waste of money that we could of been using for hospitals, medical care, medicines , schools, homeless people and many many more. Although i think it is better to send robots rather than humans, things can also go wrong like, robots could lose control and float all around space, which can then cause space junk. My final decision is that we should send robots to space but not as much if it causes space junk or any other reason. If anyone would want to go to space and help our world, then I think that they should be allowed to go.

  • I think that we should send robots into space instead of humans because say one day scientists wanted to test Mars to see what sort of creature is living there but no one had ever been there . Then a newly trained astronaut goes and say's I'll go even if he may be married or has a family that loves him . But he would be risking his life just to test a planet when also he can only bring back as evidence is words . Which, brings me to why any company to do with space should send a robot into Outer Space :
    1. robots don't have any emotion
    2. if anything happened no one would ever be as upset
    3.robots can fit into smaller spaces
    4.robots will bring back more and better evidence
    5.more likely to have a better chance of staying alive because robots don't need oxygen
    thank you xxx

  • I agree with this post because they can stay longer as we can't because there is gravity but I also disagree because it is wasting a lot of money and the spaceship would be a lot of money so altogether it would be a lot of money and a waste of metal.

  • I think we should send robots into space, not humans, because if something went wrong, it wouldn't really matter, but if we sent a human into space and something went wrong, it would matter quite a lot. It would matter because you have just risked a human's life. But human's also have a proper life, whilst robots don't really have a proper life like human's do.

  • I agree with brilliant ibex because if we send robots they not humans so they wont get hurt but if humans get hurt then that is a problem that we don't want.👍👍

  • I agree with this post because if we send humans they will probaly die by doing tests

  • I think we should send robots up into space because humans are able to get hurt and there would be no people to be able to help them.However,if we sent robots up into space they are made out of metal.👍👍

  • i think we should send robots to space because if they go to space it wont be so much stuff to do and then when they get back from space thety get in formation

  • You should send robots to space because robots have more knowledge than humans because 2 or more people will put the knowledge into the robot

  • i think that sending robots to space is good because they know how to smarer stuff then us.

  • On the one hand, lots of people think that, despite the fact that sending humans to outer space might be dangerous, it is the right thing to do for HUMANS to discover what's really out there. This is because they think that humans should see it for ourselves. They are very strong with their opinion because they believe that a IF ROBOTS CAN DO IT THEN WE CAN DO IT!!

    On the other hand, other people think that, although sending humans to space would be super cool, it is the right thing to do to send robots to space. This is because these people think that health and safety overrules even thinking about going to space. We don't know how badly it could affect us as humans, so these people take this really seriously!

    After approaching the information with open mindedness and scepticism i now strongly believe that not sending humans to space is the right thing to do because of the reasons I stated above.


  • I think that the problem with transporting materials through space could be solved by only sending women into space. In the past, men have always been sent into face, preferred to women, as women were seen as not good or strong enough, or intelligent enough. However, I think sending women into space could massively help the problems of colonisation of planets. The problem of sending men to space would be the amount of food consumed by the astronauts. Generally, women require less food than men, as their bodies expend less energy, women generally needing 2000 calories per day, whereas men generally need 2500.

    I think that by sending women to space, we can reduce the amount of resources needed to keep the astronauts alive and healthy, whilst not relying on robots, as humans I think humans are better at reacting to situations, surviving, and thinking outside the box, which would be needed in space, especially if something went wrong.

  • On the one hand, some people think that it isn't unfair on men to just sent women up to space because, if we can go to outer space and discover what's out there it might be worth it! Also lots of people are debating about whether aliens are real or not. If we could get a shot of sending humans up to outer space, we could tell everyone how they are real and how cool they are. these people also believe that women are just as important, strong and brave as men are. In the past we have only sent men to outer space, but these people think that we need to give women a good chance (which seems quite reasonable to me).

    However, on the other hand, other people think that it isn't fair to just send women to outer space. This is because, despite the fact that it is a good idea to give women a shot of going up there, they believe that men are stronger and braver. They think that men will tackle anything that comes their way, but women will run and scream. Although we have only ever sent men up to outer space, these people think that we should keep the tradition going and to keep it as just men going up there.

    After approaching the information with open-mindedness and scepticism, I now strongly believe that giving women a good shot is the right thing to do because of the reasons I stated above.

  • I have a mixed opinion and I can't decide whether I personally would rather that robots or humans go into space so I have displayed my reasoning below.

    For Robots:
    Robots don't risk humans lives and that super important to me. Also there are trackable and they can have digital maps installed inside them self, but even if they get lost they are trackable so we from earth can tell them where to go.Robots don't need oxygen so they would be able to last for longer in any atmosphere for way longer then any human. As well as this people couldn't show anyone what they saw but robots could video so everybody could see. Robots could make a house or run tests on important things which would be cruel to us living on mars like oxygen, water and whether we can plant anything on Mars.

  • That is a great post! So I have looked at this with two sides so here’s my opinion

    Yes because is you send robots in space it would help a lot instead of risking a humans whole life, but even if you do you will have to but a camera on them and a tracking device on it and if they get lost it will be better then getting a human lost in space with no oxygen and no where to go.

    No because people want to see it in real life not a robot and at least they get to achieve there dream, humans should be humans and explore what they love most and they will be more educated about space and see what it’s like and feel what it’s like it will be a dream to remember! (:

  • I agree with you, productive hen. I think humans should pursue their interests , and that might be exploring space although they could get hurt. But with the right equipment, they could still follow their dreams. The risk of them getting lost still remains but if the person is careful , they would be safe. So in many ways, I agree and disagree with you, productive hen.

  • I think it’s better to

  • I think it’s better to send robots to space because if the rocket mail functions no one will get hurt

  • I think on the one hand robots are more sturdy and if anything was to happen then they are not living breathing companions to other people they are made out of cogs and mechanism. But on the other hand we should send humans into space so we will bring back some samples of maybe OTHER LIFE facts they could come back and we can import coordinates to land other people to other planets so people could have experiences AND yes it’s a lot of money but it could be the best experience Ever. I personally think that we should only send robots to space for either trial runs or space dummies humans should be able to experience a good hope and dream. :)

  • I think is not, ok to send robots to space, because if we send robots to space it might get damaged and some parts will stay in our solar system and we might have to go to get them parts that have been there be for it rots.

  • I think that it is better if humans get sent to space because we never know what happens to those robots ; they might start to not work properly , they maybe won't bring back to Earth enough information for astronauts . They are not like us , they're just machines that can somehow be broken easily (sometimes). We never know what can be and happen out there to the robots . We are living humans so we will be able to experience things we have never experienced before in our lives . We can see things we've never seen before and we can explore . You never know , you could be the first astronaut to explore something no one has ever explored before . The scientists could help to look for fabulous clues . That's the reason why us humans need to go there .

  • It is our solar system and we need to see all of its beauty .

  • I don't think that this is a good idea as a robot dose not have all senses of a human and wouldn't be able to be reliable as it would take a large sum of money to develope and test these machines .Also I think would leave children maybe uninspired and nothing to aspire to but on the flip side if we were to send a robot to space you would need a large recruitment meaning there would be many job opportunities. My opinion overall is that we would not be able to get a much essential data that we would need .

  • I think human beings should be sent to space not robots.... I'm saying this because robots are programmed by technology. As we know wisdom is not in one person's head. I mean as for human beings we have some knowledge that those robots doesn't have because they have been programmed. It will take many days to test those technological tools for advance and will be so costlier because man will be able to sense a poisonous gas but a robot cannot and even the could rather destroy it since sometimes gases are dangerous to some electrons example is chlorine gas.

  • I think we should send robots to space

  • I think it's a great idea to send robots into space. Though some people would disagree, it can be very dangerous and it isn't worth people giving up their lives and leaving their families for years. This is an amazing idea and I think that we should send robots into space.

  • I think it would be very satisfying to see robots in space, it will cost a lot of money though. But it means humans don't have to risk their lives going up to space.

  • image002.jpg EXPERT: Tom Clements, Manager @ KPMG 25 Feb 2021

    Thankyou for your considered views do you think robots have sufficient moral reasoning to carry out space exploration? Especially if working with humans?

  • i think it is a creative idea to send robots to the space but it will such an expensive way and also we do not know that if the robots will still in their whole body or will be disintegrate

  • I think we can't live on a planet other than Earth. We can't live with air and sunlight only, but our bodies need food and water to survive.
    It is possible for a person to survive for more than three weeks without food - Mahatma Gandhi managed to survive for more than three weeks when he was left without food - but water is a different story. At least 60 percent of a mature person's body is made up of water, and every living cell It needs water to continue its performance in the required form, so the maximum time a person can live without water is about a week, and it is an estimate based on observations of people who were at the end of their lives, when water and food were cut off from them, but a whole week is a generous estimate, and the most correct number is from 3 up to 4 days, especially in difficult conditions such as scorching heat, for example