Should girls and boys be able to go to space???

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Do you think that boys and girls should be able to go to space? Rea£ on to find out my opinion for this question.

I believe that girls and boys can go to space. I think this because girls and boys have their own rights and should be able to do what they choose to do and achieve all the dreams they wish to achieve. Everyone deserves to do what they please go do. They also have their own human rights.

Also everyone always expects for boys To be stronger then girls but really some boys can be weaker than girls and girls could be trying really hard but they might not believe in them selfs as they think that boys are always stronger which is actually wrong.

Another reason is that girls and boys could be practising to go to space just as hard as each other and it would not be fair if the girls did not get the same opportunity as the boys do. If they both know what to do it really does not matter if you are a girl or boy.

Overall girls and boys should both be able to travel to space because They are both equal to do what they wish to do. People just need to appreciate girls and boys equal to each other. Thank you for listening I hope you found this interesting.

By genius_chocolate

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