should space exploration happen

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Presrenter Sannic:

Hello there today we are at the BNC HQ and our topic is about space exploration, is it worth the cost? Why is it important? Here we have two guests to awsner that, Professor Apex and Dr. Patel, Apex for and Patel against space exploration.

Presenter Sannic:

Are there any faults to your idea?

Dr. Patel:

Well I do think it is nice in space but we have much, much bigger problems on earth, many people on earth want to go to space just because of the lovely veiw and planets but what they acknowledge is that there are many dangers in space and because they think that, it can be a big problem.

Profesor Apex:

There are a few problems with my idea like global warming, deforestation and so on this may exstinc our species but if we prepare space for humans, when something happens to the earth we will have somewhere to go.

Presenter Sannic:

Good good. How much money is spent?

Dr. Patel:

$250k for going to space for a day?! We have been given this planet for a reason why would you go and find another planet when you could be developing our world. We could be spending the money on sad homeless people, you cant buy a life can you?

Professor Apex:

I think the money spent on space exploration is worth it. Even thought it looks like we are just spending money like fools we are not , we are actually saving your lives. Think about the future.

Dr. Patel:

I am thinking about the future your the selfish one, we need to deal problems now otherwise they will get worse and we will die anyway. Just because Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, doesn't mean you can carry on. NASA have left a mess in space.

Presenter Sannic:

Thank you for sharing your opinions Dr. Patel and Profesor Apex. This was very interesting to watch and join us again on our next BNC HQ news. What will be next?

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