Should there be a money restriction on the world of space?

in my option yes because after m instentfce research i have come to the conclusion that every thing in space should come to about 300 millon per misson. nasa spends a wapping 450 millon every misson. i think that it is only fair to give a country 300 millon every misson, and say that their is a limit of 6 missons every year and if having not follwed these regulations a 10 millon fine.

also their should be a limit of how many astrounts you can have at each station of 40 is my ammount, but would 10 millon be to big or to small people could sa it is to small but consdier the fact that smaller compoines, 10 millon would have been a lot of money.

what do you think do you agree with me? thank you for having the time to

read this your sincerley logical_ drum.

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  • Hammond School logo charming_studio | Hammond Junior School B
    11 Dec 2019

    Very good question it has made me think ! My opinion is that there should be a restriction because:

    We could put all our money in going to space that there would not be enough to keep our way of life . In some parts of the world that this is already :
    In India only 40 percent of boys are getting the nutrition they need
    the entire world has spent over a trillion in space

    so I think you get my point we must make a rule on how much we spend on space

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    1. Hammond School logo ethical_armadillo | Hammond Junior School B
      charming_studio's comment 11 Dec 2019

      I agree with you because it is unfair on innocent boys don't get the food that they need when we have already spent a trillion on space. I agree with you.

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  • Hammond School logo ethical_armadillo | Hammond Junior School B
    11 Dec 2019

    I think that there should be an limit on how much money is spent because if we don't, our beautiful planet could be in danger in many different ways.

    1)Loss of money:

    If we don't start being careful of how we spend money, then we will not have enough money left to spend on very important things like education, hospitals, the environment and much more. If we spend most of our money on space and space travel, the rest of our innocent citizens will suffer because of this wrong choice. You might think that this could be resolved by making taxes of higher expense but this will only make people angry because they have to pay for a wrong choice.


    As I said before, we shouldn't spend our precious money on space for multiple reasons but this one is very important. There is no point spending money on space if it is only putting people who think that they are going to witness the wonders of the solar system in danger. Lots of dangers can occur in space and it will be heart-breaking for family members or other people to find out that some innocent person had to risk their life because of a wrong choice, and we really do not want this to happen because then the people that we thought we were giving opportunities to, we come against us.

    3)Climate change/Pollution

    This must be a reason that lots of people have written posts about so far as it is very important for almost everyone. Our rockets, that we are sending up to space, release CO2 which is a type of hazardous polloution. As you probably know, this is also a type of greenhouse gas and greenhouse gases clog up the earth which guarantees a better chance of climate change which is dangerous to our beautiful earth.

    As you can see, this is the reason why I think that there should be a limit on how much we should spend on space.

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    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
      ethical_armadillo's comment 11 Dec 2019

      Excellent reasons given. Well done! Has there been a particular discussion or activity in the BNC sessions that has led you to think this way? Or has there been a turning point where your opinion has been changed?

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      1. Hammond School logo ethical_armadillo | Hammond Junior School B
        Olivia @ Topical Talk's comment 11 Dec 2019

        Before I started this in burnet news club, I thought that we should explore space but after the first lesson, I felt sorry for citezens and what might happen to their lives and how NASA can influence what their lives will be in the future. Recently, there was a Burnet News Club lesson which told us some facts that charming studio has used in their post. Since this topic has started, we have had lots of discussions that have influenced this choice.

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