Should virgin invest in holidays in space .

During last weeks burnet news club session we disscussed that virgin are already selling tickets for a holiday to space for $250,000. Although the price is that high they will only be in space for a short amount of time. There are pros and cons of the holiday in space.

One the pro is that you ask quetion about space but now you get see it first hand. This would benifit students studiying astronomy as they have more information about the world of space. Futhermore that will ean there might be more astronaughts and if they have a major finding they will be more people to accompany each other.

On the other hand the might not have built the plane in order to contain the impact of space. If the plane was to snap in any way they suffocate at the lack of air. To add on with this they will not have immediate access to space suits .Therefore if virgin fail again ad again the lives of many people will be over.

In conclusion space is a wonderful place but they need to consider the health and safety of everyone there.They need think about everybody else before the tried to reach his goal. Flying to space will be a legendery achievement but they will need to go back and analyse these things.

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