Should we have a limit on the amount of rockets we use?

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I belive that we should have a limit of rockets used in a year. Firstly because Of climate change if we don’t do something about climate change we will have 11 years until it is irrvesable if we have a limit we could make that maybe a year or two longer and that might be valuable time and with that we could also use all that new time to make new machines to stop climate change

secondly is space prison which is when you send a rocket into space and pieces fall off and every time that happens it get harder to go into space.But we already have devices that bring space rubbish back so it is not that big of a problem but the machines cost a lot and can only be used once so it is mixed.

Here a reason on the other side. We should not have a limit on rocket sent into space because we might not be able to set up a colony on the moon and that mean harder spac travel.If you are wondering why we would not be able to set up a colony on the moon is because we would not be able to get resourses there quick enough but that really depends on the limit.

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