Should we leave Earth and go to an Exoplanet?

I know magical_chicken has already posted about a similar topic but their's was about going to Mars and is Mars habitation possible. If you do want to know about that, then go to that post, it is an editor's pick, so it should be easy to find. However, this is different, this is about going to an exoplanet. If you don't know, an exoplanet is a planet outside of our solar system. We have discovered 4126 exoplanets so far, and scientists expect to discover many more. An exoplanet was first discovered in 1917, but was just recognised as another object in space and not an exoplanet. In 1992, however, another planet outside our solar system was confirmed as a planet, so now people thought that they couldn't both just be considered another object in space, so the term exoplanet was created and used. Humans have been thinking about going to some of these planets, as they could be hospitable for life.

Personally, I don't think we should live on an exoplanet as what is the point when we can just go to Mars which is our neighbour. All of these exoplanets are quite far away, the closest being Proxima Centuria b, which is 4.2 light years away. This would take ages too get too and Proxima Centuria b isn't the closest habitable exoplanet, so by the time we get there, we would have all already died, so it would be a pointless journey. We need to find a close habitable planet which could be possible, but is unlikely. I did also think that we could send mankind to various planets, so we don't not fit on one planet together. You might think that this is sort of harsh, as we are the same species so we need to be together as a community, but that just isn't possible, unless we find a habitable planet bigger than Earth. We would also get used to not being with other humans and we might entirely forget about it. To save humanity, we might have to do this as there isn't much hope left for us.

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  • Hammond School logo supportive_donkey | Hammond Junior School B
    21 Nov 2019

    I think we should only go to an exoplanet but only if a catastrophic event goes on like global warming at its worst.

  • Hillyfield School logo devoted_idea | Hillyfield Primary Academy
    21 Nov 2019

    no because well die and rats mutate or you mutate and might be a martian

    1. Faringdon-logo-250x250.jpg methodical_strawberry | Faringdon Community College | United Kingdom
      devoted_idea's comment 10 Dec 2019

      if you mutate you do not become a martian

  • Hammond School logo happy_politics | Hammond Junior School A
    21 Nov 2019

    I think, at the present moment, that we should NOT inhabit exo-planets because:
    They may not actually be habitable.
    They are too far away from Earth (like you said)
    One rocket can only take a few people, it would cost too much money and expanding the rocket would result in it being too heavy to fly.
    Those facts are what has enforced my opinion.
    Just a quick notice:
    On Wikipedia, anyone can edit anything displayed on their forums. Facts shown on there may not always be true. However, the information may be correct, but I would recommend checking at least 2 other websites too.

  • Hillyfield School logo active_song | Hillyfield Primary Academy
    24 Nov 2019

    I don't think we should go to an exo-planet because humans like you and me might like earth and miss it if we left it to go somewhere else. Also are body's might not adapt to the exo-planets and we could die since it might be to harsh for are body's . It would be expensive maybe even more money than the international space station cost and that was the most expensive thing in the world. Another reason is that people might be sensitive to the motion of the rocket , it takes three days to go to the moon it might take a week to go to mars. Maybe a month or to ,to go to Venus .

  • St Marys Whitstable logo cheerful_significance | St Mary's Catholic Primary School
    05 Dec 2019

    I think that it would be way to hard to go to an exo-planet because
    1.they are to far away would take way to long so we wouldn't be able to go because we wouldn't be able to take enough resources
    3. exo-planets probably dont have a good enough atmosphere to live on
    4.we wouldn't be able to get a good enough rocket to use
    5.exo-planets probably wouldn't be big enough

  • Hammond School logo focused_blackberry | Hammond Junior School C
    12 Dec 2019

    I agree that it would be too hard to go to an exoplanet because we have not invented a fast enough travel to get to an exoplanet as like you said Proxima Centuria b is 4.2 light years away so we do not have the fuel neither the speed to get there. If we tried to get there using the speed that we have, it would take about 54,400 years to get there at the current speed of our space travel

    1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
      focused_blackberry's comment 12 Dec 2019

      Good reasoning, focused_blackberry!

    2. Hammond School logo focused_blackberry | Hammond Junior School C
      focused_blackberry's comment 18 Dec 2019

      Also, the closest planet to earth’s characteristics and those around it is an exoplanet called Kepler-452b which has the same type star as our star, the sun, it has an oxygen supply that is not sustainable since it is too thin, but it has a mass larger than of earth’s, it’s surface gravity is twice that of earth’s, and it is 22 degrees Celsius colder than earth. This proves that even the most earth-like planet is not completely sustainable, so if we did try to go to an exoplanet humans could find that their life would not hold and sustain there; they would not be able to live there.

      1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
        focused_blackberry's comment 18 Dec 2019

        Why would this mean life is unsustainable?

        1. Hammond School logo focused_blackberry | Hammond Junior School C
          Tom @ Topical Talk's comment 18 Dec 2019

          Yes, it would mean that life is unsustainable on other exoplanets but it does not mean that life is unsustainable on our own planet, earth, but if humans develop technology into something that could help us live on other planets, not just exoplanets but planets like mars, AND exoplanets such as Kepler-452b, since those planets have nearly sustainable properties, so we could just push them that inch further and humans could probably live on mars and other planets, which is also the company SpaceX’s ultimate goal, so SpaceX could try to create something to help us live on other planets.

        2. Hammond School logo focused_blackberry | Hammond Junior School C
          Tom @ Topical Talk's comment 18 Dec 2019

          It would mean life is unsustainable because humans cannot properly live in the conditions on the other planets, so we might not survive if we go there because of the atmosphere, oxygen and temperature.

  • Hammond School logo sociable_volcano | Hammond Junior School B
    19 Dec 2019

    We should not travel yet as it takes 9 years and 2 months to travel to Pluto on an average rocket. Imagine that but going a lot further to an exoplanet billions of miles away.

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