Should we really care about going up to space?

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Well first of all I think we should care about going into space because if we go up there we could find another living planet with a better land and less litter. And also finding intresting stuff it could save planet earth and prevent us dying from the litter and climate change.

But I also have a opinion that we shouldn't go up into space because one, it's dangerous and two it cost a lot of money that eventually we won't have enough of because we are spending it all on useless space stuff. We also end up going into space and finding nothing. Like this game that I play at home with my parents, and you use money to buy these counters and sometimes there blank and by then you would have used all your money then you can't buy trips across the ocean to get to more. Now think as if it was space the counters are the planets and we are using the money to buy trips to the planets then we loose all of the money then don't have any more to do anything else such as stopping climate change.

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