Should we spend the money?

Hey, guys, it's me again,artistic_opnion and today I will be talking about the question:

Should we spend money on space exploration?

So, in my opinion, I would be in the middle as we could find new things in space which could benefit our wellbeing, or, we could be spending money on other such as health or crisis'


When I explain the side of my opinion which I think is: 'Yes I think we should spend money on space exploration' I will explain how if we do get o space we could maybe find new places or things which will benefit us and, recently there have been a lot of climate change protests around the world and we can find something to help us fight what we have already destroyed. Explaining deeper into the fact of the climate change crisis- linking to space exploration I believe that humans could maybe find something (such as a gas or chemical which could end diseases like cancer or ebola)


When I explain my perspective on the no side I believe that if we spend so much money on space- even though it is not yet proven there is anything in space which will benefit us we the earth could have its last moments in that time. Furthermore, if we did spend money and there was nothing then we have we probably would have wasted billions of pounds on this. On top of this, I do not think space should be explored now as the earth is facing major difficultes and we need to help others right now.

To summarise, all I can actually say is the debate on space exploration is a matter of perspective and could always be that. However, I will say one thing, right now I think space exploration is a bad thing- but we can research into this is the new future.

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