Should we trust NASA?

For years NASA has been promising one thing;we will land on Mars by 2030.However,this seems near impossible.Here are my reasons for saying so.

  • Our economic and technological status cannot keep up with the demand for money and rescources required for a mission to Mars.
  • Nasa has shortened the deadline for landing on Mars by 6 years! This gives us the same amount of work to do,but in a much shorter space of time.
  • Finally,we cannot keep humans alive for 9 months (the average time from Earth to Mars.) As I explained in point 1, we simply do not have enough knowledge.

These points show the challenges required to over come for a successful mission to Mars.However technology is always advancing. Nasa is launcing InSight next year, to help us discover more about Mars.But maybe Nasa should postpone Mars missions and focus on more earthly issues.

Copy this URL for a great article on Mars,by National Geographic;


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